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traveling cook book TB


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One of my first TB's was the traveling cook book. It was a small/medium note pad in which cachers would write down their favorite recipes and pass it on. I was going to post all the recipes to a web page and inform all who contributed but sadly the TB has had no activity in over a year, and the member who retrieved it last has not logged into Groundspeak for over a year either. I still feel that this is a neat idea for a TB and I will probably make another one soon. Feel free to make your own traveling cook book TB's and i wish you better luck than I had.

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Aw, it's a shame that your first attempt at this went missing ;) It's a very cool idea.


I've got a notebook called "The Geocachers' Fun Book" out travelling around the UK at the moment, the idea being that every finder decorates a page in some way (draws a picture/writes a poem/sticks a sticker etc). It's been travelling since autumn 2007 and I hope to catch up with it again soon.

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