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What does this mean?

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Welcome to the Forums and the sport/hobby/obsession.


You might want to check out the Read First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions topic pinned at the top of the Getting Started section of the forums.


One of the links in there is to a list of terms used in Geocaching.


Bugs are Travel Bugs. A Travel Bug is a dogtag that has a code on it and is trackable through the website. These dogtags are often attached to items like a stuffed animal or a hotwheels car.


Coins are similar to Travel Bugs, except the coin itself has the code on it, no dogtag.


Benchmarks are brass disks that were/are placed by the US Geologic Survey. You can log your find of these through a link from the Geocaching.com home page.


FTF is an abbreviation for First To Find. As in the FTF a new cache.


Good Luck and Happy Caching!


Edited to correct the title of the FAQ Topic and correct the term 'stickied' to 'pinned'.

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