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Hello Wisconsin

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I am new here myself...only have a few finds, and one hide. No finders yet, just went up yesterday. I live in Ripon, but plan on caching all over the state. Going to Colorado/Wyoming/South Dakota Next week...plan on logging a few that way as well.


I attend Ripon College and just recently got into geocaching! We need more caches in Ripon!!! I got a bunch of my friends into it and we dont want to run out of hides!!!

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Well Hello Newbie!!! We were all once young and green, and gold? HUGE cheesehead here based out of Appleton! Have you gotten the cache @ the veterans memorial on Armed Forces Drive?? If not you need to really cool cache, and it gives you an excuse to be near the shrine or heaven or nirvana or Lambeau field. I myself consider myself a newb with only 600 finds ( cachin since 2/24/09) We ,make alot of cache runs into the green bay area so maybe we will see you on the trails!

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Greetings from Wauwatosa! We've only been doing this for a few months ourselves, and just love it! It's an excellent (and cheap) family activity. Our 8 year old daughter really enjoys the trading swag part, and we ALL enjoy the search. Currently we "own" 6 TB's that are all out on their own, and we enjoy tracking their travels AS A FAMILY. Welcome aboard!

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Newbie from Fond du Lac-would like to find other cachers in the area to learn more about this sport-especially all the technical stuff with downloading waypoints, PQ, etc.



Check out the WGA




There are many geocachers from Green Bay, We are from a bit farther north Mountain, WI


As sweetlife said don't forget to check out the WGA website. It's free and there is alot of information and fourms to check out.


We have been geocaching since 2006 and are located in Milwaukee.


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Hello from Milwaukee. I don't think I have gotten into this thread yet. I started caching this summer, I think my first one was in June.


I just spent the weekend in Madison, West side almost Middleton. I was able to hit 13 in one day which is far far more then I have done before. All of them were within about 1.5 miles of my hotel. It was a great caching weekend. I hear that West Bend has many of them. I will have to plan a full day there soon.


Happy hunting.

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