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upik nuannertoq


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my first coin Upik Nuannertoq

first of the serie.

all home made(not made in china)

i have a small foundry at home and i cast all my coin.

a lot of job.

i did 100 pieces and they are trackable. 80 for sale 20 for trade and gift

they made on aluminum

i did the limited edition in bronze 10 coin not trackable.

available when the store is fixed

the price is 20$ US shipping included


first of all you must subscribe to http://www.geocaching-saglac.com/. and second thing to do is wait untill the sale day.


for subscribe go on the left colone and click on 'Enregistrer-vous'


you gone see




Nom : * your name

Nom d'utilisateur : * user name

e-mail : *

Mot de passe : * pass word

Vérification du mot de passe : * password confirmation


Détails Prolongés ; other detail

Nom Géochercheur ; geocacher names

Site Internet :your internet site

Adresse MSN

Localisation home localisation

CODE POSTAL postal code



and for the cointest, very easy one,give the chance to win one of this coin.


what's you have to do is send a picture of a owl and wrote HOO HOO.

it's illimited topic but different picture.

to determinate a winner i will pick a topic number at random .

the cointest finish the day's of sale.

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I just came across this thread, and I happen to have a pic I took of an owl my friend and I found sleeping on the ground one day. I was out hiding a cache, and there he was! I think he liked the warm spot. He looked young. I was hoping he hadn't fallen there, but I wasn't about to pick him up! Your handmade coins are pretty. That's nice work.



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