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The Oregon Thunderegg


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Shortly after relocating to the Pacific Northwest, I hooked up with a family of cachers just south of Portland, OR. After meeting and talking coins for awhile, I was shown a little hobby of theirs. Being that as it may, I was introduced to the Thunderegg. Thundereggs range in size from less than one inch to four feet in diameter. The largest weighing in at a whopping 1.75 tons and is currently on display at the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Oregon. The outside of the nodule was formed by expanding gases and is usually a nondescript brown or gray. The core is chiefly chalcedony, quartz, or opal. They are found in areas of ancient volcanic flows and ash deposits.


Legends of the Warm Springs Indians say that these nodules were hurled from Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson by the "thunder gods" who lived in the craters of the mountains. The legends say the "spirits of the mountains" robbed the nests of the thunderbirds and hurled the "thundereggs" to the accompaniment of much thunder and lightning.


Thundereggs are used in a number of ways. One of the most common uses is to simply saw the thunderegg into two pieces, polish the sawed face of each half, and use it as a display or decorative piece. Thundereggs usually look like ordinary rocks on the outside, but slicing them in half and polishing them may reveal intricate patterns and colors. A characteristic feature of thundereggs is that (like other agates) the individual beds they come from can vary in appearance, though they can maintain a certain specific identity within them. Unlike geodes, a thunderegg is a specific geological structure.


Rockhounds throughout Oregon voted that the thunderegg be named Oregons state rock. In 1965 the legislature responded by designating it the official rock of Oregon.


Geocoin Design is proud to announce the "Oregon Thunderegg" geocoin.


The Oregon Thunderegg geocoin was designed and crafted to show the specific geological structure within the thundereggs' formation. The Oregon Thunderegg geocoin is a hefty 2 inches wide, 1.51 inches high and 4.5mm thick. The 3D back shows a geological structure in that it is bumpy and creviced. The 2D front features 'the polished' look of having had sawed the thunderegg in half, revealing the unique pattern within, highlighted by rich translucent colors.


The interior design shows the spirited past of the Oregon Thunderegg; being hurled from one of the two feuding mountain volcanoes. The text "Thrown by the Mountain Gods" encapsulates the volcano.




Get a piece of the rock at Geocoin Design!


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From the site...

RE - Antique Copper with Blue Translucent Hard Enamel ( 120 available) $12.50

LE - Antique Silver with Green Translucent Hard Enamel ( 70 available) $15.00

XLE - Antique Gold with Rust Translucent Hard Enamel SOLD OUT!!!


Not sure what the price was on the XLE if it was for sale at all but had to ask... Do these prices include shipping and handling?

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Is this reservation a presale or are the coins in hand?


Neither - a reservation is a reservation... a presale is a presale. If the coins were in hand, I'd have them in my store already.


The coins shipped tonite - will be in hand Friday - in other words... those who reserve them, get theirs first by following the link in the OP - what's left hits my store when I put them there on Friday or Saturday.


Edit to add: I will have coins in hand on Friday by 1030 - After I get all the reservations out, the remainder will go into my store. ~J


PS - E: Got your note - Thanks!

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Hello everyone!!


Wanted to let you know that these coins are in hand and I will be getting invoices out to those who have reserved their Thundereggs over the weekend. The remaining Thunderegg Geocoins will go on sale Saturday, May 2. Time TBD. :)


Is That why you didn't make it to Spring FLing :D:sad::)

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Got my Thundereggs in the mail a few days ago and they came out great. I liked them in the pics, but the pics really don't do them justice; they are even better in person. I really like the three dimensional backs.




When I ordered them, I wasn't sure how thick they were going to be because the 3D makes them look really tall. They are regular height though and as a result feel great in your hand. I took a pic of one side by side with another copper coin.




Great job you guys! I love them :(

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