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What size container is this?

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Just to offer a different opinion, around here, beach safes like that are often listed as "small". But they're about as small as a "small" cache goes. Anything much smaller than that is listed as "micro".


It's a grey area. They're clearly larger than a film canister, but they're also smaller than a sandwich-size container. How did you hide it? Did you hide it the way you'd hide a "micro", or did you hide it the way you'd hide a "small"?

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Based on the guidelines provided:


Cache Sizes

These sizes apply to all caches that have a physical container.


Micro (35 mm film canister or smaller – less than approximately 3 ounces or .1 L – typically containing only a logbook or a logsheet)

Small (sandwich-sized plastic container or similar – less than approximately 1 quart or 1 L – holds trade items as well as a logbook)

Regular (plastic container or ammo can about the size of a shoebox)

Large (5 gallon/20 L bucket or larger)


I would go with 'Small.' It is larger than a 3 ounces but smaller than 1 quart.

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I think many people would call those small.


Locally to me (Florida) they're rarely dry, I'm not sure why, although I'd guess that the largish o ring distorts PDQ and no longer makes a good seal.


Just a suggestion that you not spend too much time/energy in the camo, as you will likely be replacing them with something that doesn't leak shortly.

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Thank you for your opinions. I would like to list it as a small to attract the micro haters but i don't want to dissappoint anyone who is looking for a larger container. I think I will put in the listing that it is a large micro or a small small.


It's a micro. A large micro but like StarBrand said only one inch in diameter limits the swagability. Can very small coins, bugs, or swag items fit? Sure, but I've seen all those items in a film can.


If you list it as a small you will annoy those who are trying to filter out micros. If you want to attract those who don't hunt micros then don't hide micros. Splitting hairs and deception isn't the way to do it.

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