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What does the abbreviations mean?

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Just started geocaching today! Loving it already...but not quite sure what the abbreviations mean...could someone tell me please!! Thanks so much!!









TFTC thanks for the cache

TNLNSL took nothing left nothing signed log

Swag are the treasures inside the cache to trade for.


Welcome to the fun!

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BTW (By the way), just because you'll see many abbreviations used in cache logs it doesn't mean that cache owners expect your log to be as brief as possible :unsure:


(But they do, if it's a nano log strip, then your name/initials and date are sufficient)


Most cache owners enjoy reading a log of two or three sentences (or more) about your experiences of the search. You might not write much in the physical log book but maybe your on-line log can be a bit more detailed for them?


(Yes, yes, I know it can be difficult to write gloriously crafted, evocative logs of that damp film can stuck in the hedge of the parking lot... :D )


Welcome to the game :D



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