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Oregon 400t Routable Street Mapping

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Just got my 400t.


The basemap is pretty basic, but it does have street level mapping which was a little bit of a surprise. I knew that there was no on device routable mapping included on the 400t (Oregon).


I also know that City Navigator North American will solve my routable map problem. However before spending the additional $$ I wanted to see if anyone was aware of any routable street level maps out there.


Is there anything available in the open source world that offers freeware routing (on the device) for the Oregon 400t?


Thanks in advance.

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Another big thanks out to Red90.


This application made quick work of modifying my Metroguide NA v6.xx maps to be routable on my Oregon 400t. I tested with a regional (4 states).


Very nice.


I'll be sending some PayPal $$'s to the developer, or purchasing the gold version of the application that allows for single maps up to 2 Gb (with would cover all of the Metroguide NA product.


Thanks again for the heads up.

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