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Reported pipe bomb later identified as Geocache prop

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Permission is assumed unless the reviewer is aware of a published geocaching policy, or if the location is on the list of "off limits" locations, like dams or schools.


That new reviewer studied well. Perhaps the newbie read my seminal essay about permission, which appears in modified form as part of the reviewer training manual. I commend it to you for late night reading.


It is nice to see this info stated in this way. It reaffirms the understanding that I have had from the guidelines and these forums.


I'd love to get my hands on a copy of that reviewer hand book. I think it would be cool to see things from that point of view. I certainly don't want to have to be a reviewer to do it though. I guess I'll just have to keep pestering ST. with my questions.

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I know how it can be in an area when TPTB are fueding. Now...I am not active in any geocaching group. I attended a local groups event last week and I attended a single cachers event last week. The wife and I cache, but we don't always log. Our kids have grown, we are sharing more things together, and our relationship is changing. That being said, we pick out a few caches in the area we would like to explore, not on any particular site, load up the dogs, and go explore. Sometimes we even get sidetracked and don't look for the cache. Why is this important?


Because I am not as rabid about caching as I used to be. There is no home fort to defend, there never really was. The cacher who made the post about Terracaching being like a lawless geocaching land is not exactley accurate and would like very much to poke me in the eye because I have poked him in the eye over the years. In that type of situation , nobody wins. There is always background noise associated with geocaching. Nobody wants to be a part of the noise. It makes cachers feel like they are choosing sides when all they want to do is cache and have fun. For us, we have fun exploring. I log the caches on my own blog instead of the various listing sites. Mine is more of a short journal than a log. If you get stuck on a cache and want to look through my journal, have at it. We have gone back through a caching time machine to an earlier period. No GSAK, no massive downloads of caches, none of the things that you would find on most cachers wish list today. I do have a BB Storm that I send updates to my blog with. It serves as phone, camera, and internet connection but it really isn't used to find a cache.


So why is all that important?


I read a post by CR's about in-fighting in the Upstate of South Carolina. I sent CR a PM of my opinion and I did resond to the hicks post and copied it to another forum. It was an old habit that is hard to break. After some thought about it...I have grown out of that. That was an old "rationalize anything to your position quick" that still exists with some folks around here ya know :unsure: I decided to not go that route again. I am enjoying caching using our new "Old Style". I went as far as to invite the lad who made the negative post about Terracaching for a Cheesburger. You know, everybody has an opinion, and he is entitled to his. You can only fight with yourself so long or find a new sparing partner. I'm not sparing, it isn't good for caching or the Upstate cachers. I hope he accepts the offer. If he doesn't, no problem. I made the offer and that is all I can do.


Larry, we used to be old buddies. I would like to share a Cheesburger with you and let this stuff go...both sides.


I have done my fair share of offending folks on this site. I have been a real pain in the butt...and for that I apologize. I allowed a personal situation overflow into others fun. That is wrong in anybodys book.


2009 should be the year of caching in the Upstate of South Carolina. I think actions speak louder than any words you can post in any forum. I hope in some small way I demonstrated that in my actions with the Ware Shoals incident. Make amends, swallow some pride, and enjoy the style of caching that makes you happy.


Thank you for your time...


Ron Miller

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