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Four-legged geocachers!

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I took our dog out caching with me once and will never do it again. She was a total pain in the A##! Tried to do a nice multi on a park trail. Nice and easy but due to her I had to log a DNF. First the hike took about 100 times longer than it should have due her sniffing every blade of grass and structure located along the route. Then she jumps into a mud hole and does a few rolls. Then starts howling and carrying on because she wants to go home and have a treat. By the time I get her home she had totally trashed the inside of my car with mud and had pretty much worn me out.

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I'll take Duke my black lab/golden retriever with me one some. He likes doing the ones in the woods and he is good cover when there is a lot of mugels around. Figured out how to post a picture, this is from his first find. This is from Sept '09 and he is a lot bigger at this point.

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I started in July on vacation with the dogs. I have to admit the older dog I have had from 8weeks of age Diablitia Roja (Raja) Mixed breed, the other turned out to be 5months old when I got him Rip Van Tinkles (Riplee).

Raja goes with me all the time except the few that dogs aare not allowed, She is a must for night caches while trying to get FTF. She is very patient and I have to say she found the last FTF by pulling me to the area then pointing me to the right area, this is not the first time she has done this. She has also led me back to the mail trail on a night cache. I will deeply miss her.


Rip or Riplee had come with a few issuse, so he goes when it is not raining (it rains here a lot), if there is no brook stream or other body of water to cross, I also don't take him out on quick runs he requires a bit more supervision and it is faster to leave him in the crate in the car or in the crate at home. He can't go near traffic and if we need to be quite as he is a big cryer when he does not want to be left behind. When he does go he climbs all over the rocks or logs that are near by I have no problem with that. He is coming around but being a border collie/ cattle dog mix he prefers to not stand around.


One time it was a hard cache I took both dogs, the terrain was 3 1/2 logs to go over and under, with back a forth tracking as it was dense forest. so 1/2 latter I head home 2 dogs is to much. I come back a different time with Rip only left Raja in the car he was all over the place up on this log that was 8 feet off the ground, so I get him down then I spent time keeping an eye on him not wanting hime to get hurt, not working real well so off to the car and I pull out Raja and leave Rip after 20 min of noise making and attracking attention I went on to a different cahe. the next time I went out there I took just Raja 1 1/2 hours she is just hanging out around ground zero.


I hope some day I can get Rip to be as good of a trail dog as Raja. If not we have Flyball that he does.


I feel for that person whom blamed the DNF because of the dog. they are just along to hang with there people. a good dog handler will find caches they and there dog can do. I also keep towel in the car to wipe the pups down with, of course they come in handy to clean myself up to :anibad:

Happy caching to you and your Geo"pups".

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Sleeping Bear Dunes (sorry for large size)


This is my Tanner so far he has only been on one cache with me (my first one). Everything went well but with it being wet and snowy I'm not sure how much I'll be taking him out this winter, he does well with staying on the floor during short trips around town I will definitely take him back out (and put a big towel in the car just in case).

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I have stumbled into two homeless camps and thought to myself "I bet no one knows where I am...I barely know where I am. I wonder how long before my husband notices I didn't come home..." After several months of research, we got a boxer. He now goes to every cache...he has his own pack and sometimes roots around looking (although he has no idea why). We took him to doggie school so he walks well on the leash and can sit and wait when needed. He is a blast to have along.

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Here's my lhasa apso, Juneau, helping out with an EarthCache.



She loves hiking. If I say "geocaching", she gets excited because she knows that means a) a ride and ;) a good long walk and c) finding things. I haven't managed to teach her "find the geocache" yet, but she can usually bring me pretty close to a recently-found cache. She's learned to find specific toys when I ask for them, so I'm sure it's possible to make a secret weapon out of her yet.

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This is our geocat who doesn't come with us often, but if we are somewhere remote away from roads and not likely to meet too many dogs, he likes to come along.


OK can feel the temperature rising around here a little, let me explain.


He's only about 7 months old, and we're trying to build up his confidence. He is terrified of going outside, and won't even go out into our back garden unless we take him. So coming along on cache walks gets him used to the idea that there is more to the great outdoors than roads and big squashy vehicles. Funnily enough he likes riding in a moving car, just not hearing them on the roads around him. He's happy to wear a harness, even proud to, but not always keen on the lead of course. We never let him off his lead in the wild. We have to carry him sometimes, and hide him from dogs in our coats and we know there's a risk. Someone usually gets extra geostripes bathing him when we get home, too! Its worth it to see him and the kids yomping along together along the trail.


So sorry for the loss of your good companion, but thank you for this thread, really enjoying seeing everyone's 4 legged friends.

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I'm sorry for your loss. My best buddy Samwise (Sam) had kitty cancer and had to be put down in February. He would come caching with me on occasion but would usually stay in the car unless there was no one around. He looked like the cat above except his leash was red. His brother and sisters miss him just as much as I do.


Maybe I'll get a dog in the next year or so as it's been 15 years or so since I last had one. I would take one of my mom's chihuahuas with me but they are both afraid of their own shadows...

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