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Four-legged geocachers!

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I am so sorry for your loss.

I found my fist cache due to my dog, before being a geocacher! We were walking along our usual trail when a family of cyclists came along. The kids were obviously a bit afraid of the dog (and the dog in turn is afraid of bycicles, but they didn't know that!). So I went off the trail and into the overgrowth a bit, and stumbled upon an ammo can. I had heard about geocaching, just never joined.... that was the incentive I needed! I usually bring the dog with me now (most of my trips so far have been my "hour off being mommy" when my husband takes over caring for the twins, though we had a couple of family trips too). The dog, a Scotty mix from the Humane Society named Dougal (after a character in the TV comedy Father Ted), is a great decoy for poking around in the undergrowth and by trees. Here is a photo of us from a few months ago, shortly before starting geocaching:



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Sorry for your loss. It's hard to lose a good friend. We cache as much as possible with our "girls". We started caching in 2001 with our 2 goldens Casper and Snickers. They loved it. We lost both of them in 2004. We now cache with our 2 goldens Moxie and Liberty who will be 4 years old in May. They enjoy it as much as Casper and Snickers did. It's a little tough when I take them alone because I need to keep them on leads or they would be chasing every little thing that moves whether it's a squirrel or a leaf. Sometimes, I'll just go to the area to scout where the cache is and then we all go together if I can't grab it right away. When all 4 of us go, one holds on to them while the other looks. We switch places if needed. Sometimes it would be easier and quicker without them, but we love having them with us and adjust to the searches as needed. They have, a couple of times, sniffed out the caches for us. We have been working on their ability to smell tupperware and ammo cans. They get better every cache outing.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a 9 yr-old epileptic poodle two years ago, just before I left for Korea, where I was not allowed to take my pets. My parents fostered my younger poodle for the year I was in Korea and they did a wonderful job.


However, with the loss of our "alpha dog" both my younger poodle and I were at a loss as to how to re-establish and redefine our relationship. Geocaching has changed all that.


Reba is now seven years old and is slowly learning to be alpha (we also have a cat who thinks she is the alpha dog, so this is definitely progress). Geocaching has helped...just the one on one time together has bolstered Reba's confidence.


She isn't much help in finding caches (unless they contain a food item with a strong smell) and she turns into a major wimp anytime there are thorns, the weather is extremely cold or there is deep running water nearby (she's only 8 lbs, so this is understandable). Sometimes I make her tough it through the rough spots, sometimes I get a real soft heart and pick her up and carry her.


I normally cache solo (from a human aspect) so she is my caching buddy. I don't think I could enjoy caching without her.

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I am also very sorry to hear about your loss.


If we are going caching less than ten miles from home I always bring my dogs Annie and Dodger. Even though they get a little antsy while I am signing the log or walking in circles around the coordinates, they love geocaching as much as I do.


I wouldn't take them to an urban cache, although I did take them to one in a rural country store parking lot. They actually helped out by greeting and distracting muggles while we signed the log.

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First off, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs are members of the family and it hurts when we lose them. My heart also goes out to you.


As for our pooch, we take her when the weather is nice because she is getting old and can't handle the heat that well anymore. In the fall she goes with us everywhere and we usually take her when we are caching at local parks. She never comes on the urban hides. That's her cute little mug as our avatar. The one below is after a find at a local park.


She even has her own trackable coin that we take and dip in caches when she comes with us. You can look at it using TBTP4W.



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This is Ava. She goes nuts when she see's that I am getting ready to go. She knows the shoes I wear and probably what my GPS is. :D


The picture was taken in the Metroparks while I was searching for a stage of a multi. She usually stays where I tell her. It works out well if I have to drop the leash to search for a hide or sign a log.




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Very sorry for your loss. Pets become such a part of our lives it's so hard when we lose one.

I have been taking our Geopup, Jasper, along caching with me when I go out caching. He's a 6 month old Lab cross. He loves getting out to romp around while I look for the cache. He's usually more interested in finding sticks to chew on rather than finding the cache. It can be hard sometimes because I can be more worried about what he's getting into than looking for the cache. I find it can be easier when my caching buddy brings his Geopup along too. That way they keep each other occupied and we can focus on the task at hand. You can always tell when it's been a good day out because at the end of it, both dogs are wiped right out.

Here is a pic of Jasper and I at GC1NKKV



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It's always sad to lose our best friend. Sorry for your loss.



The sheep is his very first cache find! :D OK, not really but our Chocolate Lab goes everywhere with us, especially caching, whether it's caching for "just the qty" or for lengthy hikes. If there's water to be had during the cache hunts, he'll let us know that too. :P Our dog is part of the family so the family caches together! :D BTW, he's 8 months now and 80 lbs. strong! :(

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I'm so very sorry for your loss! :ph34r: Our pups are family! I'm a beginning cacher and took Kauai and my hubby with me today for the first time. I think this pic says it all...... This is why I want to take Kauai with me. He had a great day and was exhausted at the end of it!



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This is Sadie, our cachedog! She LOVES caching she just runs like she's never going to get to run again. She got more energy then the energizer bunny. She's a mostly liver GSP we got for free. I was building an add on for a family that decided she was too nippy. I tried to reassure the family that that's normal for a 8 week old puppy but when I heard she had to go I snatched her up...she hasn't bitten anyone or tried for that matter. But if you look closely you can she little welts all over her...that's because she was bitten by mosquito's ;)


I'm sorry for your loss, we often talk about wether we should get Sadie a playmate and when because we know she won't be around forever.


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I'm sorry to hear about the passing of a member of your family.My two dogs are very loved members of my family and I know how I would feel to lose one of them.I took both of my little guys to do a couple of hides during a 20+ mile trip up in the mountains a few days ago.They love to ride in the cab with me and to be outside.Here are their pictures.


This is "Ozzy"




This is "Bandit"



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Sorry to hear about your recent loss.


We used to take Bella with us, she even had her own travel bug tag. (TB4060) Unfortunately we had her put down about a year back.


We now have Lexie, she's a 10 weeks old blue healer(Australian cattle dog) with a bit of boarder collie. Still hasn't been introduced to geocaching yet. The Champoeg camp out this summer will probably be her introduction to caching.

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I'm sorry you lost your friend.

Here are my babies. They love to go with us, esp if I can let them off the leash.

team_goobie It looks like we have twins, but Stormy is much younger.

Your black dog looks like our Muggles except that she is (was) all black. Now she is getting grey like us.

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We cache with two geomutts.

Annie a 9 year old Maltese. She ends up riding in my daughters backpack if the trail is too long or rough.


The other is our 2 year old Westie Cal. He never runs out of energy and has to inspect every hole we encounter. He loves caching. If we pull up to a park or a trailhead and I have the GPSr in hand he is stoked. He knows what's about to happen. Annie loves it too she's just not a pup anymore.

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We had to put our doq down this morning. :) He went with us on only one caching trip (he didn't like it!), but it got me thinking. How many people take their pets with them when geocaching? Do they enjoy it? Do they help or hinder you? Pet Pictures welcome, as well as stories! :o


I too am sorry for your loss. We are new to geocahching but our little budy goes with us. She's so small it's easy to just pick her up. Our St. bernard went with us to the first one but he pulls a bit so he can be distracting.






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i just started last weekend and i'm thinking of taking my almost 2 y/o chocolate lab. the problem is he is't the best on the leash, but i like to let him run, i guess it just all depends on where we are.


his name is toki wartooth, he is 84lbs of love, a gentle giant. he also thinks he is a lap dog


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I am sorry for your loss. :D We had to put down our 3 y/o Pembroke Corgi about a month ago for sudden liver failure. His birthday would have been this week. It's hard and it stinks. His name was Payton. He was named after Sean Payton the coach of the New Orleans Saints (NFL).


His death and our sadness is actually the reason I started geocaching. It has really helped on the weekends to take our minds off of the little man. I just wish he could have enjoyed it with us! I just imagine he is in puppy heaven nudging us in the right direction. :o Plus, the Saints are doing very well this year! Coincidence? I think not! :blink: Keep your head up! Your puppy would not want you to be sad. 3953500398_4461ab789e.jpg



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So sorry to hear of your loss. It is always a hard thing to do... say good bye. :P As pet owners we are able to make that decision when it's right for them and not when it's right for us. wonder if there are geocaches at the "rainbow bridge"?? if you don't know about that poem..google it...it's beautiful :D


As far as our 4 legged geocacher...Her name is Geo and she is a Belgian Malinois. she is just 3.5months old now and still learning her manners. she will go out with us for sure!! my hubby is convinced he will be able to train her to track the smell of camo duct tape!!!!

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here is my geodoggy he has had his knackers cut last week, which has calmed him down a bit. He can be a pain in the bum when its just us two and you trying to find a cache, but wasnt today (apart from the rabbit it went for).


When we out with Mrs Text and Minitext he isnt a problem as Mrs Text keeps hold of him.

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Sorry for your loss.

I was just wondering if anyone has put in dog toys when creating a cache?

I was going to put in a rawhide bone but then thought.. hmm.. that might attract unwanted animals.

Perhaps a rubber chew toy or something?


Being a dog fan and knowing that many chache with dogs.. I just thought it might be nice to have something in there for the pooches.



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Too much of an attractant to other animals. Nice thought but bad idea..


My pooches often go with me if they're not urban. Heck, they go with me everywhere, but stay in the car if it's an urban cache! :(


Oops - forgot I changed my profile pic. Here are our current pooches:





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Don't be confused by all the stereotypes, bassets are active dogs who LOVE being outside. Top is Remi (hence the name) at 2 years and a whopping 33 pounds, below is Graham at 22 pounds and 4 months old (he's gonna be a lot bigger than her...) The word "geocaching" is getting up there on the excitement scale with "car ride" "dog park" and "food". Can't think of a better thing to do with the paws!

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Sorry for your loss.

I was just wondering if anyone has put in dog toys when creating a cache?

I was going to put in a rawhide bone but then thought.. hmm.. that might attract unwanted animals.

Perhaps a rubber chew toy or something?


Being a dog fan and knowing that many chache with dogs.. I just thought it might be nice to have something in there for the pooches.




My dog's, Tinker Bell, (kid named her), favorite toy is one found in a cache. In fact it is laying under the computer table right now. Rubber tube with strings through the center.

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We are pretty new ourselves.

Here's Molly (Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix) out today on her first geocaching hunt.

She's enjoying this so much! She's been hiking with us before, before we learned about geocaching.

She runs back and forth between all of us to make sure everyone is okay. For being small she gets around easy...today, her first geocaching experience she wasn't given an easy one...we did alot of "boulder scrambling".



Here's a better picture of her at home...



We have 2 other small dogs (a Toy Fox Terrier and a Teacup Pom) but we don't take them because they can't be trusted without leashes. But we'll probably take them on some of the easier ones later.

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Although we are currently dogless, I had to read this thread. I am a Registered Vet tech who has done nothing but work with dogs cats reptiles and birds her entire life. I am currently working as a dog groomer. The thread makes me smile and just yesterday as we were hunting for a couple of local caches my husband remarked that this spring it might be time to add a geodog to the family mix.


I hope the new corgi pup is doing well and learning all sorts of geocaching stuff.


I was thinking the other day about doing a dog cache with dog related things inside. Balls, squeaky toys, maybe some collars etc. As a groomer I have access to a bunch of stuff at a discount and after a lifetime of making my living off of working with the furry set, I figure I owe them and thier humans a bit of a thankyou.


Looking forward to coming back to this thread and posting a pic when the stars align just right and a waggly tail joins the monkey ranks.

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Gabby dog(tb21amd) has been caching since I started. She has more caches than I do. I have a friend who will grab her if I can't go. Here's a pic of her at Keechelus CrossingII at the top of Snoqualmie Pass, Wa.


Yes, we had to take rafts to get there. Here she is in my buddies raft.


She now has over 800 miles. Ok, we drove to visit a friend in Salem, Ore. While there we snagged a cache. :P

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