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GSAK noobie with a question

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OK, i'm loading my "soon to be hunted" caches onto my GPSr with GSAK, all is well on this end. I'm also trying to load several other big PQs not in my immediate area onto the SD card as custom POIs thru GSAK and the 60csxpoi macro. That also is done. The problem lies when I try to update the list onto the SD with a new PQ, it keeps loading the same cache list as before. I've tried everything... New DB, deleted database and made new ones and just deleteing every cache on the list. What should I be doing differently? Thanks in advance, John

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Hey all - I'm a GSAK newbie as well and didn't want to start a new thread.


I figured out how to download pocket queries and even figured out cache along a route - but now that the cache along a route is in my GSAK, what do I do?

Does GSAK recognize it as being along a route? How would I go about using GSAK so I know the next cache?

I figure it has something to do with the arc/poly filter, but I'm confused on it.


Any help would be appreciated! :laughing:

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How would I go about using GSAK so I know the next cache?

If you have loaded that PQ into a separate database it would be as simple as sorting by distance. Look under "distance" on the help page for GSAK Columns (link).


If you need more help there are lots of friendly folks over at the GSAK support forums(link) :laughing: or have a look at the GSAK FAQ(link)

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