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Vista Hcx bicycle mount?

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If you did not get the Mounting Clip for the back of the Vista that coggins was refering to, here's the part number. There should be a threaded hole on the back cover of your Vista that this just screws into.They are less than 5 bucks. Get two. They're easy to lose if you don't leave them on the back of the unit.


Garmin eTrex Cx Series Mounting Clip (Model: 145-00709-00)


I have the Garmin Bike Mount (the rail mount 10496 you linked to) on my mountain bike and it works great.


Don't buy that item with the Summit back cover. I'm pretty sure it won't work with your Vista because it won't accomodate the little jog around the microSD card slot.



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The Vista HCx comes with a plastic piece (Auxiliary Mount Adapter) in the box to fit it to the second item listed.

Read the listing here: http://www.gpsnow.com/garmin_010-10496-01.htm

Yep, should be in the box. It's small and easy to miss. I only caught it 'cause I read the manual and it made a reference to it.


BTW, these adapters are quite fragile. Check the underside for cracks. I've cracked two and Garmin has replaced them at no cost.

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Thanks for the quick responses guys!


If I order one of each, will the ring mounts be the same? The reason I ask is two-fold. I want one on my mountain bike and my quad. Also, I have an old camo etrex that my son likes playing with. Will the battery cover on the first link work with the camo etrex? And will that same ring mount work with either the camo or the Vista?


Thanks again.


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The ring mounts should be the same. I have one mounted on my bike that I have used my Legend on for years. I just got a Vista HCx and it clips in just fine.


The back should fit on the camo and then either unit can fit into either clip. If you ever decide to get a windshield or dashboard mount both units will be able to clip into that as well.

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The covers of the "x" units are not interchangeable with the non "x" units due to the the data card placement of the "x" units. The new units use a pastic adapter whereas the older Etrex units require a new battery cover, but both use the same mounting units. Matter of fact, all the handheld Garmins, including the 60-series, use the same handlebar adapter mount - it's just the backing plates that differ.


I have an old Etrex Vista, a Vista HCx, and a 60CS. All use the same handlebar mount but each has it's own adapter for the mount.

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I'm confused by what I see on Garmin's site. I'm interested in a bicycle mount for my Vista Hcx. There is nothing on the back of my unit. Do I need to replace the battery cover, or just order the ring mount for the handle bar(s)?


Do I need THIS?


Or only THIS?


I've been all through this and now have mounts on my mountain bike and my road bike for my Vista HCx. Here is the scoop (basically the same as others have said).


The Vista HCx back plate does not get replaced at all. The clip that came with your GPSr goes on it. The back plate that comes in the first Amazon listing you mention is all plastic anyway, not metal like the one on your GPSr. Get extra clips here http://www.gpscity.com/item-garmin-etrex-c.../etrexcclip.htm . I bought one.


The mounting ring for the bar comes in 2 sizes. The one that comes in the kit (with the wrong back plate) fits my mountain bike and I bought the larger one here http://www.gpscity.com/item-garmin-large-b...rbikeladapt.htm for my road bike. One observation with this mount is that the GPSr fits this larger mount with a slight amount of "play" that you can feel if you jiggle it around. It is not enough to affect the readability at all but the regular sized mount that comes with the first item you reference in your posting does not have this "play". That may be a difference that is unique to my particular combination of clip and mount, or perhaps it affects all of them due to molding tolerances.


Enjoy your Vista HCx. It's great on both of my bikes. Also, I can highly recommend GPSCity for these items. They shipped same day and I had the items 3 days later on the opposite coast line. I also ordered a RAM mount for my car.

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If your handlebar adapter mount is too small to fit to your handle bar diameter, remove the screw on it and then use two medium tie-wraps to secure it in place. This actual bike season is my 3rd season with these same tie-wraps attached. No fail, non broken installation even after 3 years use.

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- i just get my HCx yesterday afternoon. And yes, the small clip is included.


I'm trying to find out if the ones sold a year ago or more would have had this... or when they started putting it in the package

I bought one when they first came out any it was included then.
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did find the clip in my stuff.


so, how well does the garmin mount hold up to road vibration on a bicycle....or on a motorcycle?


I use it on my bicycle and motorcycle and it works great. And I really like how unobtrusive the mount is when I'm not using the GPSr, nothing like those huge RAM mounts that are nearly as big as the GPS itself :)

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...how well does the garmin mount hold up to road vibration on a bicycle...?

I have been using my Vista hCX with the bicycle mount for about a year now on my road bike, about 3000 miles, sometimes on pretty rough roads (even gravel).


One thing I would recommend is also tying the lanyard to the handlebar. I had the screw on my clip work itself loose once and was glad I also had my GPS tied on.

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