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Has anyone seen this one or worked it .

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Hello Geocacher


First of all I'm NOT asking for help to solve it . I just want to build one like it . The owner of the Geocache may have gotten out geocaching for other endeavors . I'm looking for anyone who has seen the internals of this puzzle or the basic jest of the lay out . I'm not going to sell them or list them on ebay . I have an idea how it may work , I just want to save about 30 hours of sketching and autocad work designing the internal components . I made one and put it last week and I'm having fun with it watching folks solve it . I just want to make one that has a different concept . Here is the listing for the one in Florida




Here is the on the one I just had listed




Thanks Mike

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sOulbAit (of legna and sOulbAit) was selling Monkey Puzzle kits and Monkey Puzzle plans on eBay for a while. He might sell/give those plans to someone, I don't know.


They were similar to the original, but smaller.


Yorky Lovers puzzle was physically very large, made it tough to handle alone. The original was damaged several times, and rebuilt with differences a number of times. Had some red herring moving parts to it.

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I've made a couple, did a search and found the plans online. That was a while back but two issues that sticks with me are:

1) you need to have the lock in hand first so that you know what diameter pvc pipe to use so that the key fits, or you will end up cutting the key to fit the pipe.

2) you need to sand the part where the removable cap fits, usually more than you think when you start.

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Thanks for the reply . I made one similar to the one found on "Great Finds" except I made a bit longer and added 4 more chambers to it . The one I was looking at is an actual mechanical puzzle instead he used a piece of cable attached to the key that had to negotiated out of the puzzle .



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