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I have been wondering about reviewers: how are they chosen? How is it decided how many reviewers an area needs (I read somewhere on here that all of Texas only has one?!?)? Can a reviewer go "find" the caches they publish or does being a reviewer mean you cannot cache in your own State? I know they are volunteers, but do they get anything for their trouble, such as free geocoins, premium membership or stuff?

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As I understand it you must be invited to be a reviewer. If you volunteer before being asked they won't ask you. So if anyone at Frog Central is reading this, may I please be a reviewer? :unsure:


Reviewers often have private accounts that they use for caching as well as their reviewer account. If they couldn't cache it would be difficult to get volunteers.


I know that there are some perks to be had as a volunteer. Coins that Groundspeak commissions for that use are one.I think they get free premium status but am not positive on that one. If not they should. They sure do earn it. I'm sure they get other ataboys also but I don't know what they are.

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You couldn't pay me to be a reviewer. I can't imagine how much time they must spend doing it.


For example, I started a new PQ for my area two weeks ago. I used a date placed of March 16, 2009. On April 1st, there were 176 caches in all of Ontario published after March 16th and the furthest was 750 km from my house. Today, two weeks later, my PQ returns 500 caches and only goes out 198 km.


Do the math and figure out how much time these guys spend doing it. Most of those were approved by one guy. We now have a second reviewer.


BTW, I have never waited 48 hours to have a cache published.

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"How do I become a volunteer cache reviewer?"


Yes, reviewers do go out caching. :unsure:


Usually they have their own geocaching account for playing the game, then when they become a reviewer they take on another identity for reviewing purposes.


In the U.K. the player accounts of the reviewers are fairly common knowledge (among those who use the U.K. forum, anyway) but in the U.S.A. I understand that many reviewers remain "in the closet".



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