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I can't figure out what has changed. It used to be when I selected the picture I want as the default the alinement was to the right on the TB page under the selection menu. More recently it seems to be to the left of the menu, believe me I tried to explain this the best I could. I searched and searched for a topic on this issue but alas couldn't find it.


Here are a couple examples:


Older page:



Newer page:



Please avoid the silly notion that it's the picture size... I have many examples of all different sizes. Both of these are JPEG files... I have examples of GIFs also... So that doesn't seem to be it.


I know it's something I'm doing but what? It's really bugging me <_<

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Hummm I noticed that if I'm logged it (owner) it has the problem on some of them - but if I'm not the owner (thus the extra line with the TB tracking number isn't there) it looks fine (course I may have to adjust the verbiage to make it look right as far as the text).

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I was just about to ask for more clarification cause I wasn't seeing it.


I do run into issues with picture size (yes it's true) and the text in the description.


Just to test, try loading the second bugs photos to the first and switch them out. Then see if the issue still happens.


Also, sending you an email.

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Thanks BlueDeuce for your help.


It was that on some I didn't have enough lines to drop the picture down far enough to miss the additional window/menu that the owner sees. By adding more lines to the Mission or just <br>'s it drops it down far enough to look right.


In a perfect world I guess the system could figure it out and bump itself down the missing lines. But this works just fine.


Again Thank you for your time and many efforts to make things nice for all of us.

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