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COINTEST! Guess my shipping stats :)


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Now that all of the Tree of Life coins have been shipped out I thought I'd celebrate by having a cointest :rolleyes:


Due to a minting error my shipments were broken in to 2 portions. Guess the total weight of the packaged and labeled second portion in ounces. I had them all together in one giant box to carry to the post office and set the thing on a scale before I left.


As soon as someone gets that answer correct I'll announce it and its over. AS A BONUS... make a second guess along with the first of how long my post office receipt was from the shipment in inches.


If you get the first number right you get the red on 2-tone version. If you managed to get the second part correct as well, then you get the green on 2-tone along with it, but you have to get the weight correct first B)


I don't care how often you guess, if for some reason nobody gets it right by the time I get home from work on Saturday night, I'll pick whoever got closest <_<




EDIT: A winner has been decided for the red coin, but feel free to keep guessing the length of the receipt for the green one (red winner wasn't close enough!:) ). I'll ask for the thread to be closed on saturday after a second winner is decided :)




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