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Geocaches in Hocking Hills Ohio


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I just recently heard of some caches hidden in Hocking Hills that require you to go through some old train tunnels in order to reach the cache. Does anyone know the names or exactly where these are located and I am going to plan a trip that way soon to look for these if anyone is interested in going let me know. Thanks.

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That cache is near a famous old railroad tunnel in the Hocking Hills area. Whether you actually go through the tunnel to get to the cache depends on which direction you come from. If you find this cache, I highly recommend visiting the nearby railroad tunnel if you haven't already.


Another great railroad tunnel cache in the same area is King Hollow Tunnel (GCMQ25). In this case, you will be going through the tunnel. Be sure to try for this one, too!



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...where as usual, it will die quickly and painlessly.


Hey, I saw it here and we're actually planning a camping trip to that area, so I was glad to see this! I probably wouldn't have noticed it amongst all the other topics in the general forums.



Mrs. Car54

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Those tunnels are great. Moonville tunnel was my favorite. You can see the crumbled foundations of old buildings that used to be along side of the tracks. Looks like a town.


Went to college down there. Had a blast hiking, biking, fishing and birding. Be sure to hike around Lake Hope. You'll see osprey, beavers, barred owls, various other raptors and some reptiles. They're all there if you know where to look.


Man, I have to get back down there. Now I can turn it into a caching trip on the motorcycle.

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Haydenville tunnel was another, but it's now archived(for the second time) Those tunnel caches are great, but they're even better at night. Everyone in Ohio should check out GC1N2GR it's going to be a great time. 13+ new caches being released, 50+ coins and bugs to log. Hope to meet some of you there.


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