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Where did you go caching this Easter?


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Hi caching folks.


We've have just returned from a fabulous North Wales where the sun had its hat on every day from the Friday when we arrived to the Monday when we left - was that matched where you were?


Although only 15 caches were bagged over the whole period - it was quality rather than quantity. :rolleyes: Hearsay many cachers clocked up a few over Easter - how many?



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Had to work Easter weekend but managed a couple of caches. On my way to Malta on Thursday, from London City, I had a flight change at Zurich so managed a webcam cache in Zurich airport. In Malta there was a cache within a short walk of my hotel so felt obliged to do that. Weather good to start with. On Good Friday went to sea to test some submarine cable tracking equipment off Mazara, Sicily and got back to Malta later than planned due to some very rough seas and very wet weather and then flew home so no more caching opportunities. Spent today writing reports. :rolleyes:

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Hi caching folks.


We've have just returned from a fabulous North Wales where the sun had its hat on every day from the Friday when we arrived to the Monday when we left - was that matched where you were?


Although only 15 caches were bagged over the whole period - it was quality rather than quantity. :rolleyes: Hearsay many cachers clocked up a few over Easter - how many?




16 caches in York - mainly micros. A weekedn that wasn't planned around caching, but in which I managed a couple of decent sessions (as well as a few pub sessions etc).


And no, not sunny, but pleasant.

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On Friday, we joined up with friends and did a series of caches around Wootton Bassett (Near Swindon), weather was warm but very overcast.


Saturday we travelled up to friends in Northamptonshire and managed to do a few around there - rain put us off a bit on the Sunday!


Monday, back to Swindon for a few more and got our 50th find in glorious sunshine!!!!

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Wow - when "only 15 caches were bagged" is mentioned, I look at my tally and think to myself that my original thought that 21 in total in about a month doing this geocaching was going some, is probably unfounded...


But hey, although I'm not in the same league as most (if not all) of you (I'm probably Sunday League 5-a-side!!), I did get a whopping three, including my very first Travel Bug, which I was able to take another 36 miles on it's quest to "see the world". Mind you, I didn't go out specifically to geo-cache, but to visit a place and see if there were any geo-caches about.


Still, its not all about the numbers, is it?! :laughing:



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I had intended 2 days caching, but each morning I had withdrawal symptoms

It's not about the numbers, but.... :laughing:


Friday - rain - Brookwood Surrey

Saturday - cloudy - Limehouse and Isle of Dogs

Sunday - cloudy - Kingston and Tolworth

Monday - Sunny - Slough to Maidenhead


80 + caches found ;)

50 + miles

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Grabbed a few around Shipley - the only ones we failed to find were ones we'd found before!


Heard on the radio this morning how terrible the weather had been 'across the country' and was a little confused - gorgeous weather all weekend, with the exception of a heavy shower on Friday evening. Obviously, it must have rained in London, which constitutes the whole country as far as certain public media groups are concerned. :laughing:

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10 caches in and around Swansea glorious weather all weekend also met up with some new obsessives cachers on Saturday morning (for 4 caches I had already done) who didn't have a GPSr to let them try one before they bought one and it turns out the daughter has the knack and mum who was sceptical I now a convert :laughing:

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17 caches attempted and found yesterday as part of a 21 mile hike around and along the South Downs Way from Amberley to Harrow Hill, Blackpatch Hill and back to Amberley.


Friday was wet and miserable, Saturday not much better, Sunday was very cloudy and yesterday started cloudy but by midday the sun was out and it was very warm and sunny the rest of the day. So much so that I got sunburnt for the second time during a hike this month!


Shame I have to go back to work today as I can already feel the need for another decent walk today :-(


I did manage to map some new footpaths around Harrow Hill and Blackpatch hill area, so that was worthwhile.




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I had resigned myself to expecting some bad weather....


Friday - sunny and warm, but I did all the housework and washing so that I could justify spending the rest of the weekend NOT doing stuff like that. PLUS, a local cacher popped in for a coffee.


Saturday - GORGEOUS weather - 11 local cachers infiltrated Manchester and did the ANR series plus some others - did 24 caches. Others carried on after I got weary and did 50! We all felt the effects of the sun!


Sunday - Beautiful day - Nice family day - has to be cache free when it's a family day! Sat on The Sandiway Searcher's patio in the sun... bliss.


Monday - Grey, but warm - clearing out the garage, painting stuff and sanding down banister rails... BUT cache planning in the evening!!! Yay!!!

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Devises on Friday as we had solved a puzzle round that way.


Bath on Saturday (as we needed some other stuff).


Bristol curio hunting on Sunday (found loads of curio's - just no boxes !).


Monday we walked a circular walk we are planning.


We reckon we walked about 20 miles - no idea on the number of caches

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I went local to clear up a load of the caches that had appears in recent months so around Thornbury Bristol and Radstock, Bath (lovely little mini series there!) and managed to bag about 30 caches. The weather was warm and sunny, just a shame the website was so slow for logging and half my email alerts didn't come through, but then I guess you can't have everything. :D



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Very much done the same, only bagged two through as Mrs Andyfee was on the case and did not want me caching over easter weekend. Managed to bag one other in Devizes today, I was back up there visiting family again.


I have a busy day sorted for tomorrow though 24 to do, hopefully a nice walk around.


Linsey & Lorraine < - - Hope you move Terry on to a nice spot.

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I went camping in Shrewsbury whilst my wife was at a weekend agility competition up there. We got up at 4.30am on Good Friday, drove just over 2 hours to shropshire, we had the tent up by 10.30 and I was out caching from 11am. Then spent all day Saturday and Sunday caching drove back to Wiltshire and went caching Monday afternoon my haul for the weekend was 46 caches and only a couple of DNFs. Best ever weekend and greate weather.

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We were lucky enough to grab a cheap holiday to Centre Parks in Belgium! We had a couple of drizzly moments, but the weather was mostly warm and dry ideal for caching. The downside was that the caches were thin on the ground, most were long complicated multis and ALL were written in Dutch!! :D


Worked hard and managed to find 20 caches over the 8 day holiday, with some very inventive hides that we've filed away for future reference! :D

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We had a great long weekend in Lancashire and such fab weather we couldn't have asked for anything more :D


Friday 16 around Chorley area

Sat 46 caches [caching with Deego and Mongoose39uk] WWW Warpers Trail

Sunday [caching with Mongoose] 23 caches doing River Lostock Trail

Monday 31 caches [with Mongoose] doing WWW Reelers Trail

Tues 14 Leeds/Liverpool canal doing some of the NW nutters cache's, then got stuck on the M6 trying to get home !!!


Walked my legs off but would like to say a very big thanks to all the cache setters in that region had a fab time :D



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Spent the weekend in the Plymouth area.

Friday 11 caches - including one nightcache with a caching friend who was a nightcache virgin. Great weather.

Saturday 21 caches in glorious sunshine

Sunday 25 caches in more glorious sunshine

Monday - had planned to have the day at home but went out and got 3 local caches and then just about to cook tea when another one local went live so we went out and got a FTF.

All in all quite a good weekend - much better than the met office (which is only 15 miles down the road) forecast it to be!

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Went to the Jurassic Coast (Dorset) and found a dozen caches including four excellent Earthcaches. Friday was wet and was spent mostly in the Tank museum but lovely weather otherwise.


Smaller Wombles are getting really competitive about who finds the cache and we are largely incidental to the process. They were particularly useful for scaring off muggles at Lulworth Cove!

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Started Easter Monday afternoon at M1 Jn 23 cache,doing 1 more on

the way to Grantham, where there was a cache 50 feet from my room.:rolleyes:


Tuesday cached around Rutland Water which was nice and then a few

church micros.

While caching at Orston( Leic.) Jennings Spa cache had fun deciding

what to do with a dog that ran through the hedge , onto a main road as well and would not go back.

Found out after a lady dog walker suggested trying the Equestrian Centre, who lucky for us owned the dog , that a tractor had blown up and scared a couple of dogs away.


Cached at Milton Keynes on the way home and found a Drsolly

torch as well. B)

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3 caches around Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire on Easter Saturday. Would have done the whole Whichford Wood group, which have given me 6 plus one in Over Norton but me walking partner was feeling the distance, and certain things were starting to chafe a bit!! By the time we staggered back to Chippy, me right knee was starting to grumble so I was glad of the hot bath when I got back to my B&B


Weather was odd, in that it looked like it should be dry but there was intermittent drizzly bits of rain throughout the morning...

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Sussex South Downs,


10 caches on the way down on Thursday

72 (inc 59 FTF's) on a 20 mile new walk on the Friday (first cache @ 05:50 :unsure: last cache 15:00)

20 in and around Lewis on the Saturday

30 on two walks on the Sunday

10 on the Monday before heading home.


Not a bad collection for a few days.



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Easter was an interesting one for me.


The Thursday before I was in Reading and travelling up by train to Derbyshire. This meant two changes of trains: Derby & Chesterfield.


I stopped off in Derby to do a couple of quick caches - the first was the "Pentrich Revolution 4 - Jeremiah Brandreth" (GC1H2TG) and the second was the the Derby Midland Station SideTracked (GC1J8TH) - which turned into a bit of a marathon due to a Railway worker on an extended break.


Then when I got to Chesterfield I did the C.O.D Crooked Spire (GCZ1BM) Micro - How hard is it really to build a spire properly? After this one I tracked across Chesterfield to delightful Queen's Park-Urban Oasis (GC1GP41) where I watched the cricket team practicing in the rain!


That was it for the day...


Good Friday saw me in Matlock doing Bridget (GC1P8WJ) and then Easter Sunday I finally managed to nail Pining for Farley Woods (GC12H00) before heading back down South on Monday.


All in low numbers of caches but they were all different and all interesting. A mixture of urban and rural caches.



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