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BCGA 2009 Geocoin

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I am happy to announce that the British Columbia Geocaching Association has designed a new coin for this year and the design has been finalized! As we await samples so that we can choose final plating choices we would like to share with you our concept.




A few facts of the coin:

1. The coin will be 2 inches diameter.

2. This coin with be a combination suncatcher with a solid coin suspended in the middle!

3. The front rope braid will be 3D. Check out the hanging loop on the top :rolleyes:

4. The First Nations artwork is of the Raven which symbolizes collecting things, as they are witty and sly, hiding their finds from others! The top raven has human eyes in it showing the transformation from raven to man. It depicts the "enlightenment" of discovering new places!

5. We had to wrestle the mint to get them to see that this coin is possible! (thanks to our producers (Landsharkz) for fighting for us!)

6. We are so excited we wanted to post here even though samples aren't in yet!


Stay tuned for more info coming soon!!

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This coin is absolutely amazing! Our friends at the BCGA came up with a fabulous design and once again, Chris has helped the mint reach their full potential :) in creating this one of a kind coin for the BCGA. We have the physical samples here and a set are on their way to boomerangpapa and so I'm sure a full pic will be forthcoming before too long.


For those of you in Canada - we hope you are having a great Victoria Day long weekend!

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We saw a sample on the verandah of the Yellow House in Murfreesboro during GW-VII - WOW!!

It is a beauty and worth the wait. We are originally from BC so love collecting all the BC coins.


Unfortunately the coins you may have seen are probably not going to be the ones we will have in production. We didn't realize they were being shown to anyone at this point so I apologize if the coins you saw do not materialize. This has been an unbelievably long process but we are confident that the outcome is going to be amazing due to a few factors. This style of coin has never been done before. Solid centre, translucent window. We had to make sure that the FN artist's version of what he thought the coin should be was the focal point of the coin. We wanted it to be a dreamcatcher version that is wearable or can be hung from your rear view mirror or behind your bed or elsewhere. Once the first sample set of coins were sent to Boomerangpapa, he, Plumbrokeacres and I had several discussions and decided we had to make some changes as we weren't completely happy with what we received. Landsharkz has been great accommodating the team's ongoing input and changes throughout this time. I think you will love the final coins even more than the first samples. Pre sales will begin soon and members only version coins and coins for everyone can be purchased soon through the BCGA website. We are confident that this coin is a show stopper and we are very proud to be a part of this process.


Val-Coin Team


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Here is some shots of a nearly finished coin. Sorry for the lateness of these pics! There are a few changes that are being made but this should wet the whistle of some of you that are ever patiently waiting for this coin! Keep in mind that some translucent colors are being reworked a bit and the black nickel coin is being tweaked plating wise and the white on the First Nations art will be crisp white!(and trust me, the colors on the black nickel are going to be much better then pictured!)


The antique copper version is the coin available to EVERYONE!


The black nickel finish (which will be brushed black nickel) is the BCGA member only coin. Sooo...this means if you want one of these you will have to suck up and make friends with a BCGA member :D


The coins will be presale shortly (I know I keep saying that but we are ironing out some details!) :lol:


Stay Tuned!






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**********BCGA 2009 GEOCOIN**********



Above pictures are close to final:

- Black one has a few minor changes in colors and will be brushed black nickel

- the back of the copper version will mimic the front in the translucent colors


The main theme of the coin is the Raven. In the stories of the First Nations people of B.C., Raven is the trickster, the prankster, the transformer, the meddler who can create either helpful or harmful circumstances. First Nations artist Quentin Harris uses the Raven, human eyes, and a metamorphosis of Raven transforming into Man. When geocaching was explained to Quentin, he saw the quest for the cache as a pursuit towards enlightenment, a quest to solve the mysteries presented. The find was a kind of transformation as the cacher is taken to new places and attains new knowledge.


Pre-orders will be open until Jun 30, 2009. The geocoins will be ordered shortly after that date and will be shipped as soon as we have them in hand (approximately the end of July).


The 2009 Antique Copper BCGA Geocoin is available to everyone. Only BCGA members may purchase the Member only Brushed Black Nickel version.


The coins:

- are $12.00 each Canadian Funds

- are 2" round in size and 4mm thick.

- is made of 5 different pieces!

- has translucent features (dreamcatcher style!)

- has original British Columbia First Nations art

- are trackable at geocaching.com (activated on the BCGA website)

- will have a custom icon!


Shipping rates:

- local Pickup (Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows) is Free

- to Canada is $3 for first coin, $0.30 for each extra coin.

- to USA is $3.50 for first coin, $0.40 for each extra coin.

- international is $6 for 1-4 coins. $10 for 5-8 coins. $16 for 9-12 coins. $20 for 13-16 coins


BCGA 2009 GEOCOIN Order Form

Edited by boomerangpapa
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Have you got pictures of the real finishes yet?


I just contacted the producer and they still don't have the newest pics yet but I hope to get them soon!


Thanx for keeping an eye out on this one! :D


I can't wait for the new pics either!



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We (and the factory) are really hoping to have pictures to show everyone by this week's end :) .


It's a really complex coin to paint and assemble and so normal time lines went out the window ages ago! An ordinary (but still awesome) coin gets normal timelines and in this case... great things take time :mad: .


Your patience is appreciated, while the factory is once again challenged to reach their full potential :lol: .

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Have you got pictures of the real finishes yet?


Turns out there was a mint error and they haven't got the new samples going yet. So we put our faith in Landsharkz as they have assured us that the new changes will work out great and chosen not to do the new samples as our timeline is near the end.


Hope everyone can get the idea from the current pics as they are a fair representation of things to come!


Only a few days left to order!

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