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Map 60Cx suddenly not loading waypoints


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It doesn't bode well that I can't find this question anywhere. I tried to load a PQ and got a message that the unit was full. So I deleted all waypoints and downloaded again, looked at the unit - empty. I've loaded them through a PQ in GSAK, a page at a time with easyGPS, and one at a time from a cache page. Tried it on a Windows XP and a Vista machine. Every time, I get a success message, but the unit is empty.

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DUH thank you. I live in Maine and was caching in New York recently. It's about 500 miles. When I got back home I re-oriented the GPS and then took it inside to load new caches close to my home. Indoors, the GPS must still have been looking in New York evn though I showed it the satellites from here. I took it outside this morning and hit "find" again, and just as you suggested, the caches are all there after all. I didn't think to look for them by name when I was struggling with it inside.

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