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400t versus 60CXs - Torn a bit

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I'm trying to decide between the 400t and the 60CXs.


I know that the 60CXs will provide me with great results when Geocaching. However I'm also considering the Oregon 400t very seriously due to the flexibility to act as a caching device as well as a driving device (all in one).


Just curious about opinions. I really like the paperless caching options of the 400t. I've read a bit tonight but would be interested in any opinions.

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Unless you absolutely have to have the paperless features, I'd stick with the 60CSx. It also serves very well as a driving device and when it comes to off road navigation it is equal to or better than just about anything else out there (plus it's a lot cheaper)

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I've never owned a 60csx but a few of our caching friends do and swear by them. We had a Vista HCX and was using a BlackBerry to go paperless. Just bought an Oregon 400t and it's great, still on a learning curve but I like what I'm seeing so far, especially the fact now only need to carry one device.


So I would ask myself if you can live without the paperless option, if you can the 60csx would be the winner. If you do want to explore paperless, the 400t is hard to beat.


If you want to save a little bit of money, and you don't need the TOPO map, get the 300... If you do go with the 400T , the Oregon kicks butt with it's touchscreen.

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I'll add that my current unit is the Legend. I've always been fairly pleased but recently have been getting frustrated with weak fixes in wooded areas. In addition our most recent outing was quite frustrating. I had a Blackberry with me and had counted on being able to pull info via internet. It seems that the Blackberry browser we have isn't very compatible with the website.


Paperless caching is probably a secondary consideration (albeit a close 2nd) to accuracy.


I've been reading some more this morning and it seems that the screen viewability issue is mostly a matter of opinion.

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