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Ridding the Katy Trail

Beast of Traal

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Next month I will be ridding on the Katy Trail. I will take the train from Louisiana to Kansas City then ride from KC to the Katy Trail and Ride the entire Katy Trail and fly back from St Louis. I the next few day I will have a detailed itinerary in few days. I would like some input from cyclist in the Kansas City Area.

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Here's the itinerary for Bike Quest 2009 (Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and bicycle)


May 22 11:30am Depart Baton Rouge Louisiana (via automobile)

May 22 2:45pm Depart Hammond Louisiana (via train)

May 23 9:00am Arrive Chicago Illinois (via train)

May 23 3:15pm Depart Chicago Illinois (via train)

May 23 10:11pm Arrive Kansas City Missouri (via train)

May 24 Kansas City Missouri to Harisonville Missouri (via bicycle roads) /with a few block ride into Kansas

May 25 Harrisonville to Clinton (via bicycle roads)

May 26 Clinton to Pilot Grove (via bicycle Katy Trail)

May 27 Pilot Grove to Hartsburg (via bicycle Katy Trail)

May 28 Hartsburg to Marthasville (via bicycle Katy Trail)

May 29 Marthasville to St Charles (via bicycle Katy Trail)

May 30 Sight seeing in St Louis

May 31 Morning St Charles to St. Louis Airport (via bicycle roads)

May 31 Afternoon St. Louis Missouri to Baton Rouge Louisiana (via plane)layover in Mamphis

May 31 Evening Baton Rouge airport to home (via automobile)

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