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Garmin GPS 12 Personal Navigator


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After spending time with an avid geo cacher I am interested in buying my own GPS. I have found this model Garmin GPS 12 Personal Navigator online second hand. It is a discontinued line. As I am just starting out I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on this model. Would it be suitable for geo caching?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Geo - spy

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If you can get a newer unit you probably should. While it will work, it will not hold a good lock on the satellites, and it will not measure under .01 miles, (might be able to get a bit closer in metric)


A newer unit will hold satellite lock very reliably, and will bring you down to feet on the readout. While around 30ft radius accuracy is considered the norm in Geocaching, a newer unit will do better than that most of the time, where a Garmin 12 is going to do worse than that all the time, guaranteed.

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Red90 and Airmapper have brought up good points about value for your money. In addition the GPS12 requires 4 AA batteries while most newer units use only 2. It also only allows 6 character waypoint names which is inconvenient for geocaching.


The GPS12 was my first GPS and while I have a soft spot for that model it is older technology.

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