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Oregon Geocaching Profile Issue?

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I don't think I have noticed this before or not, so not sure if it's working as designed or a bug in the 2.95 firmware. I am in Geocaching mode and have a geocache selected to navigate to. When I go into the trip computer screen instead of showing the selected geocache it's showing the nearest one. I don't recall it doing that before. I thought I remembered it showing the one you are navigating to and not the closest. Every other screen shows the arrow etc. to the cache being navigated to and not the closest. Any suggestions or something I am missing on an option screen?

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No, it's always shown the closest geocache regardless of where you are navigating to. I like it as it can show caches I might have overlooked that are close by even when I'm navigating to another.




Top arrow in this screenshot.


I would like the option for it to use the (truncated) cache name rather than GC code and/or be clickable for quick navigation to it's details.

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Mmm, bugger, don't really like this function. Anyone know if it can be disabled and will show only the cache you are navigating to? Was geocaching around Downtown Olympia and there were several close by and kept flittering around to other caches and kept loosing the one we were going to.


I agree with you on the name thing. I would like to see an option to see the cache literal name and not the GC number.

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I try and us my compass most of the time but when I get close to the mark the arrow doesn’t stay on target. I may be 150’ from cache and I’ll have to watch the “distance to next” feet drop to get to the target. Is there a setting I’m missing? I also do not understand the “Blue Triangle” in the center of compass; it flips back and forth but why? I’ve try to find info on Garmin’s website with no luck. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help! :laughing:

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