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explore Magazine - Ishpatina Ridge


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The current (May 2009) edition of explore magazine has a great article on two friends on an expedition to Ishpatina Ridge - the highest point in Ontario.


In the article they detail some of the res2100 geocaching expedition from last October. Twenty eight people joined in the adventure and 26 made it to the top of the ridge.


They even mention that one geocacher crossed the river in a Hummer. ;)

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It is not a bad thing. You need to read the article to get the context. The author was pointing out that there are many ways of approaching the ridge.


It is not like they picked some river bank and just put it into overdrive.


The road goes through there.

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It is not a bad thing.

It is to me. If not the specific use of it in this case, the vehicle itself. Blechh! But that's just my opinion.


I gotta say, a hummer on the roads around Ishpatina doesn't bother me as much as the ones on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto do..... I somehow doubt a Prius is a good choice for the logging roads north of Sudbury

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I read the article... I love the magazine and get every issue. It was a great write up about Res and friends!


I agree about the hummers.. I dislike them as well :sad: not because of them going across the river as mentioned in the article but because I just don't like them... drive a Jeep instead!! :D

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