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COINTEST: Earthday

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First Winner Post #48 (My Random Number generator) SgtMikal if you can send me your Address I can get that out to you. We will draw another winner in a couple day Thank you everyone for the posts. The CITO's seem to be popular.


Backhiker educating your children is a lot of work and commitment. We home schooled four and it about drove my wife nuts. (She's better now that the they are all done college.)


Thanks everyone & Keep posting

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Cointest For Earthday Suncatcher




This is my first suncatcher I had a lot of fun on this project. Nothing like a sunrise caching when the day is young and full of hope and promise. These are for sale here

Yes they are trackable.


Now onto the cointest very simple one post per user per 24hr I will either draw a random number or select a winner. we will run this a week or so and pick a couple winners. Please post how you celebrate Earthday and or what you will be doing for Earthday.


Thanks for playing



My wife and I take our 5 kids around to all the parks we play at to pick up trash. We make it a game to see who can get the most trash. The winning kid gets to keep all the money from the returnables we all find... At 10 cents per can/bottle its usually a nice haul considering they're all un 11 years old.


Since we started geocaching on the 4th of April, we have decided to do a CITO event near us, so I'm not sure how this year will play out.... Maybe one of them will get an Earthday Geocoin!

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This Earth Day I will be planting an entire berry garden in memory of my Grandfather who passed away this past week... I was originally going to put out some type of tree in honor of him... but I figured a neighborhood friendly garden of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, elderberries, huckleberries, wonderberries, and watermelon would be a better way to spread his love and memories to others... I may have to plant a couple of caches around too :-) Happy Earth Day to everyone!

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I am hosting a CITO to celebrate Earth Day.


Fly the Owyhee CITO GC1MN41.


This is the second year of this yearly event.


We are not holding this event during the annual Geocachiong CITO Date.


We hope this will inable more people to attend this.


One goal with this event is to make it KID Friendly.


We want to be sure the kids learn about helping take care of our earth and how they can make a difference.


This CITO also is about the community working together.


This is a combined effort with Indian Head Fly Fishers, Oregon BLM office, Oregon & Idaho Geocachers and all the Public.


ORIDA Geocachers is donating a ton of prizes for the kids with a big BBQ to follow.

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time for my third post here! :)


After the big fire in Rhodes last year, there are many places that need to be pant with trees!

I have done this again! I hope that on earth's day, there will be an event or something and many will go to plant new trees in the burned areas! ...I hope!

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First Winner Post #48 (My Random Number generator) SgtMikal if you can send me your Address I can get that out to you. We will draw another winner in a couple day Thank you everyone for the posts. The CITO's seem to be popular.


Thanks everyone & Keep posting


Wow! Thank you so much for your generosity, and for choosing good ol' #48! (Danny Briere on the Flyers!) I sent you an email through your profile. Let me know if you don't get it.


Thanx again!

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I celebrate and work with the Earth every day.


I take oxygen from it's atmosphere to nuture my body, so I plant green plant to replenish it.

I minimise waste; I say no bags at the checkout; I recycle as much as I can; I compost vegative waste and use it in my flower and vegetable gardens; And of course, I raise Monarch Butterflies (up to 800 in a good season! - but far fewer this year unfortunately)


I do not use electricity to dry my washing or my hair.

I heat only the hot water I require and not store it in tanks.

I exercise by walking.

I greet the sunshine each morning; I watch the sunset when I can.

I acknowlege the seasons; solistice; equinox.


Earthday is every day;


Simple, considerate daily tasks celebrate and nuture our planet for our generations yet to be....

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We wanted to post here again as this day is Easter Sunday, we went out for a spring drive yesterday to take our minds off the recent loss of our Grandmother for awhile. We went and took a drive and took the time to visit Cemetaries in the couple Counties by us and pay our respects by picking up gravestones that have fallen over or pick us flags for War verterians or anything that was tipped over on markers. We picked up trash that we found laying around while we were out about doing our own thing. We also took alot of time to take pictures of some very old gravemarkers and stones that were really old or that striked our fancy, and got a few of Ammo Boxes or lock n Lock containers and painted them all and loaded them all up and went around and placed almost all average size caches for our Official Spirit Quest Caches. This ways our way we wanted to pay our respects for Easter and For Earthday. So a few more caches comming in our area. We really enjoy placing these Cemetary caches. We learn so much History of our own area we didnt know.


Happy Easter Everyone!

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While Earth Day is a special day, each day we should all be looking for ways to improve our environment.

Whether it be planting a tree, picking up trash, swapping incandescent lamps with compact fluorescents, whatever......


we are all challenged to be good stewards over what has been given to us.


enjoy the day!

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When I was in 9th grade a group of 10 of us rode our horses to school and tied them out in on the football field. We had a 12 mile ride to get there and about every hour we would get a call that one of the horses had gotten loose or the football team needed the field. We spent more time getting to school and back and chasing horses than we did in school that day but the teachers had a good laugh.


What was really funny was that several teachers and the principal were interviewed for TV with the horses in the background but not one of us kids were even mentioned. WE HAD A BLAST

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With a sucessful week of caching, I'm am now hoping that we can celebrate our 100 find in less than a month!!! If we do, I think I can convince my wife to let me buy a geocoin to officially celebrate.... She's not big on the idea, but she's coming around more and more with every cache we find!

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This is my second post. BubbaBass did the raking garden cleanup and such when I was caching with KD1EJ. What a surprise!!!

There are still a couple of small snow banks to melt away but the yard looks marvelous, Darling!

Next weekend it's trees and getting the recycleing day stuff ready,...

Broken chairs, an old microwave and such. We'll be ready to haul it to the town recycling weekend and drop it off to the guys sorting and filling bins. Wood here, Metal there, TVs here. It's like Old Home Day seeing your snowed in Neighbors, venturing out, sharing winter stories. It moves right along too! They are very organized !!!

Can't Wait.



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I just realized that Earthday is the first day of my vacation!! Yippee!!


So, we are flying to Florida, where we will visit with my family and also some friends are joining us, and we are all going to go to Disney.


But on that day, as we arrive, we are going to the beach!! I'm sure it will be a long day starting with the sunrise on the plane, but then fresh air at the beach, I think I will be full of good thoughts and nature for Earthday.

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BrierPatch, Thanks for the cointest. So far none of my kids teachers have mentioned EarthDay at school. Guess who's kids are taking in reminders for their classes. We made EarthDay t-shirts with the day care kids and surprised the school age kids. They each got one to wear to school.


CONGRATULATIONS Teamhaynes and SgtMikal.

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Well as I always maintained, "to a forester, everyday is earth day!". As you may have guessed I am a forester. I usually work with the Allegheny National Forest on earthday, planting trees, improving wildlife projects, or river cleanups. Each year is different. This year will be a river cleanup.

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We had a portion of our fence replaced this week. I have been pulling staples from the cedar planks and will use them, along with the old posts, to build a raised bed garden. Any extra wood will be donated to a local middle school that has a community garden that the students manage.

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Think of Earthday as her birthday. Celebrate her as she grows one year older and wiser....


On Earth day April 22, 2009 I will be swimming with dolphins and snorkeling in coral. That's how I'll celebrate her birthday.


Monkey Mia is a small part of a World Heritage Site in Shark Bay, Western Australia. We didn't swim with the dolphins, but my youngest son got to feed one! I have a video, not sure how to upload it though. Here is a pic of a dolphin




and later, we went for a catamaran ride on the Shotover. Sail powered and easy on the environment. We saw a dugong and loggerhead sea turtle. Here are the kids on the boom.



We had such a great time, we forgot to take a picture of us at the gate for the virtual. I wish they would accept other pics..

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