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I have been asked to explain/teach several students and a professor from shu on april 27 in oakland. Would any local cachers be able assist? none of the participants have a gpsr. so this would require helpers bring their and if they have a spare to use for the day. They would like to go on a small hike nothing treacherous.


if you are interested in helping out, please email me via my profile.


Thank you in advance.

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And now to place myself into that special category of PITA, may I suggest that you take them elsewhere, perhaps to High Mtn, on Saturday 4/25/09 and have them join a group of geocachers who will love to take them on a hike, and perhaps let them find caches and just maybe let them be part of weathernowcast's CITO event.


Why Wayne and not Oakland-- #1 reason Wayne is my town and nothing good has ever come out of Oakland, other than citicar, Ramapo and PaultheBrit. The only choice worse than Oakland would be something like .......

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I'm pretty sure I'll be free that day. It's a Monday, but Northern Highlands has its spring break that week (very late) so I should be available. I can bring my old Magellan; it still works, at least as well as it ever did. Give me a ballpark figure for time, and I'll check and get back to you by tomorrow.


And one more thing... I'd rather park in the lot this time, don't make me hike in from Skyline Drive. :blink:

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