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Unique trees while hiking...

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Lightning Strike


(copied from the cache listing)The cache is located near the largest single stem black cherry in Cook Forest State Park, and was the largest in the PA State Park system. When alive, this forest grown single stem black cherry had a circumference of 13.1ft a crown spread of 61.5ft and a height of 121.7ft for a total of 294 big tree points. This tree could very well have been over 250 years old.

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This tree is in Beaufort The Forest Gump "Box of Chocolates" tree GC151CB unfortunately now archived.


C'mon, I can see a road right there behind the tree. You call that hiking? :)


Ok so it wasn't much of a hike...lol but not much diferent than about 50% of the photos that have been posted so far.... :)

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Several of these posted, especially the one marked as suck look like they may infact be Indian Trees.


It's very cool to stumble across one. We have several here in Central/Northern ohio from the MOhican Indian Tribe. Let me see if I can find some more information on them....


Lots of articles on them, too many to post here, but this will get you started.... It's a very interestring read about some of our past history:




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