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Auctioning off one complete set of Todie's Wild Ride coins for bike awareness

Rockin Roddy
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I have only 3-4 complete sets of these available, the complete Todie's Wild Ride set comes with the RE silver/yellow, RE gold/yellow, LE gold/glitter green, PE copper/yellow glitter and the AWESOME glow!! The only way to own a set is to either be an investor in the coins OR be the high bidder in one of these auctions...no other way since the GLOW coin was limited to 25 coins! Oh, and Tod's mom has a full set as well! :rolleyes:


Bidding is silent, please email me at todieswildride@comcast.net and I will keep everyone bidding updated via email as well!! I will bump this thread up a few times until Sunday at 10pm when the bidding ends! Remember that the money will go straight to a bike awareness billboard near Tod's accident scene and for a kids' bicycle helmet handout!


The coins (showing only one of the picture sides):










THANKS for looking!!

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Thank you for handling the bids offline, as they must be.


Just a reminder, to the OP and all, that "bidding" on coins in this matter need to be handled offline without the bid amounts or high bidders being revealed here.


Thank you for keeping things the way they should be.


Carry on.


THANKS FSM, always happy to try to stay in the guidelines!!!


The high bidder has changed a few times and is now back to the original bidder!! Still very reasonable, and there will not be many chances at owning a complete set like this....plus remember the money is going to good causes!!

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LAST DAY PEOPLE!!!! We have a very nice bid, but there's still a chance to get a complete set at a reasonable price...and your bid will help with the bike awareness projects I am currently working toward!! Don't hesitate, BID!!!


Also, check out the Todie's Wild Ride thread for another mini-release cointest! We'll be starting it in a bit, it'll last a month (give or take) and we're going to work for a couple coins...maybe a little surprise there as well??? Get some coins ready to travel for a good cause and come on over to check out our fun!!

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I would like to extend a hearty THANK-YOU to all who bid on these, and CONGRATULATE the winning bidder!! I'll not name anyone here, so if they want to come forward, that's their choice!!


I will package these up and mail them out tomorrow or maybe tonight if I make it back from work in time to make the post office!!


THANK-YOU very much for supporting bike awareness!!

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