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Looking for a fun weekend trip


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My wife and I are looking for a nice place to go on a 4 day weekend in May in the midwest region (we are in Cincinnati). We like different places but especially areas with parks (local and state) / trails / interesting places. We enjoyed Brown County, Indiana and Berea, Kentucky most recently. Any help on some new areas or fun areas where you have cached and visited. Post it for us all to see. Thanks

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We live in the Indianapolis area and are quite partial to the Indiana State Park System. We did Brown County SP just this weekend and have camped in quite a few others, none of them a disappointment. Brown County may be the most "impressive" simply due to the fact that there is soooo much to do there and it's the biggest SP in Indiana, but there are quite a few others that we enjoy as well - McCormick's Creek, Leiber SRA, Raccoon Lake, and Summit Lake to name a few.


We're looking forward this year to trying out a few we haven't been to before - we're hitting Mississinewa in late May and hopefully Clifty Falls and Hardin Ridge (which is actually a National Park) later in the summer.


So in other words, if it's an Indiana State Park, it gets our vote! LOL



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Shameless plug coming from someone with an "inside" to the park systems...


Turkey Run is one of our FAVORITE state parks to visit. You will NOT be sad you went! Amazing trails there!


Pokagon is another great park. Lots to do there, nice camping, nice hotel...horseback riding, two beaches, LOTS of trails to hike.


Indiana Dunes State Park is nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan. Nice campground, and a lot in the area. Lots of caches too!

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