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Leaving on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again...


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After much deliberation (or was that just libation) I have decided I don't like you lot anymore. Yep, you guys are meanies and I am moving far far away so I can go torment another group of cachers. :laughing:;):unsure: At the end of April I am picking up my things (ok it's only one thing) and moving to Seattle.

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Mark has done more for geocaching in Northern New Jersey then any other cacher since the begining of geocaching in this area. Avroair events were always the best, and we looked forward to the next creative idea he had up his sleeve. The Washington State caching folks are very lucky to have him. Good Luck my friend, and best wishes on the West coast. Old Navy

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Good luck with the move - you'll be missed. I fondly remember all the Pirate events that I was able to make.

Hmm - you are the third person I know to move to Seattle from here in the last 4 month - maybe we should all go..... (Makes it easier for Mark's coming Pirates of Mount Olympus event)

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I actually went back to the original post to make sure that it wasn't April 1st, and unfortunately it wasn't. The caches I did with you and Rose as well as the wonderful events, from the very first... each better than the last, will remain in my memory (at least until senility takes over). Thanks for the wonderful times you've given all of us.

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Excuse me, I go to Florida for 5 days, you move and there is still a little unfinished business that I have with you.




Good luck . Bring your bumpershoot.


All my caches are being archived or adopted and 5 Star is being taken care of by EastVillageFamily. It's in good hands, I would never let a cache as unique as that disappear. :P

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Well, we never formally "met" I think (though I know I've seen your nametag at an event or two and I know we've responded to one another's forum entries at one point or two or three or another.....), and I had this bad coincidence of one or the other of my kids getting sick right before Pirates events [:blink:], but we certainly know of you and you will be missed in this great big caching-land.


Enjoy life at the Lily Pad and the best of luck and everything to you and your family!

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