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geocoin question

Dr Foreman
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The answer is that it depends . . . .


- If it is non trackable then as long as you trade something of similar value you can keep it.

- If it is trackable and activated then you should take it and move it just like a travel bug, unless there is a very specific note from the owner allowing you to keep it.

- If it is trackable and unactivated you should trade for something of a reasonably close value (some would say it should be another unactivated coin).


- The exception would be that sometimes people will leave an unactivated coin with a note that says it is fine to keep it without a trade, then you can do that.


I hope this helps

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And sometimes the numbers are very tiny - hard to see and even harder to read. If you type it in and nothing comes up, make sure you're correctly reading the zeros and Os, ones and Ls, threes and eights and Bs, etc. Unactivated geocoins are even rarer to find in caches than are activated ones.


If you want to start a collection, just watch here in the coin forums for new coins to go on sale, or remints, and check out the pinned link at the top of the coin forum page for a list of vendors who sell coins. There is also ebay. You might also try to win a coin in a cointest. There are lots of coins out there!

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oh ok thank you very much for the info, seems like these are hard to come by then :lol: i just love how each coin is diffrent and uniqe. would love to build a collection.

In caches yes, keepers are very hard to come by. But that doesn't mean you can't build a collection :wub: If you hang around in here, you'll see most new coins when they are announced and can then buy them! Though I must warn you it's addicting and expensive :wub:

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