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Generic "Rest Area" PQ?


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Try the caches along a route feature.


I use that one all the time, but carrying 20,000+ caches in my GPS is a little hard to keep current. A "rest area" cache could be run every time I'm home.



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Do you have wireless internet access when you are driving, maybe a laptop? And what kind of mapping software do you have?


No woreless for me -- the laptop rolled over and died last summer and I'm too cheap to replace it! :lol:


I use the mapping software that came with my GPS V a few years ago -- MapSource.

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There are fairly comprehensive databases of interstate rest areas with coordinates (I have one that I got from the web). Problem is that they're out-of-date fast. Some rest areas close all the time and others open.


The easiest way I've found rest area caches is to use the Geocaching.com KML and "drive" the route looking for rest stops along the way. Then - as they pop up, create a bookmark.

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