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Dragon Ladon Geocoin now on sale


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I have tried & tried to get down a trade for that :ph34r: coin and EVERY time I think I've got one locked in he backs out. :D I understand about being wary but sheesh!!! :D



You make it sound like I've stiffed you a bunch of times or something. You've contacted me what, twice and quite some time ago? I hate to say "no" so I hestitated but did think about it...but in the end, I'm just not that interested in trading anymore - which I told you. Yes, I've had a few bad experiences which cost me a number of coins but also times are tough. I've had to sell much of my collection and trading just doesn't make sense and doesn't appeal to me as it once did.


I've heard you mention before that I continue to back out of deals with you but basically when it came down to it..I just wasn't that interested in what you had and since I need the money more...well, you get the picture - I hope.

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