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Dragon Ladon Geocoin now on sale


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Well, I wasn't sure I wanted to post this with so many wonderful new coins coming out...but I just couldn't resist as I'm too impatient. The sample pictures aren't very good and I wish I could take better photos but I just can't. We still have some work to do but hopefully we can get it all worked out soon. These started out as a new personal coin but in the end I decided to go the other route and not have our name on it. We'll work on a personal coin another time.


So, how did this all come about? Well, our Surname means dragon

German: from Middle High German trache, drache ‘dragon’, hence probably a habitational name for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of a dragon, or a nickname for someone with a fierce or fiery temperament. - (They hit that on the head)


Anyway, maybe that's why I've always been fascinated by the myth surrounding my favorite constellation - Draco. Draco is a constellation that winds around the little dipper and is its brightest in the month of August - the month of my birth as well – coincidence? I think not :laughing: . You can see this constellation everyday just like Andromenda. Dragons often played a role in myths and legends. In these stories the gods would often battle the dragons for control of the Earth. When defeated, the dragons were flung up into the skies.


The most famous myth calls this Dragon Ladon. Ladon was a dragon that guarded the golden apples on a tree in a garden tended by the Hesperides, the daughters of Atlas. Hercules was sent to obtain the apples while under pledge to Eurystheus. He learned from Nereus that he could not pluck the apples himself, but must get help from Atlas. Hercules shot and killed Ladon with an arrow, making way for Atlas to enter and pluck the golden apples. The goddess Hera was greatly distressed by the death of Ladon and placed the dragon in the heavens. This coin represents Draco in the heavens always visible over all the Earth.


Again, it seemed very fitting as a personal coin design and yet I thought it might be even better without our tag on it. So that's it and I hope you like them.






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Great design!!! :laughing: I love it!!! Keep me updated, Id love to add this to my collection of coins you have minted, I think I have one of every design that Ive liked of yours so far :laughing: half thanks to you for the nice gifts!!! p.s. I still plan on sending you something..but its not time yet. :laughing:

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Once we get them in I'll definitely post the sales links.


Now, the copper dragon coin was going to be my trade only but it seems to be popular so I'll probably change to something else and make the copper available when they go on sale.


Wow. Those are gorgeous. What are the changes to be made?

One thing is the wraparound effect that needs to be worked on...it's pretty much non-existent on the top and doesn't match well on the tail. I was also looking at changing some metals variations around.


I am definitely interested in your coin. When will it go on sale

Not sure exactly when but as soon as we get some changes back from the mint we will go to production...

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