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the nevada rally

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now that i have moved back to the silver state, i have been requested to get back into the rally business.


so, there will be an off-road navigational rally in nevada this year after all based around geocaching on saturday, october 3, 2009 in fallon.


the date is now locked-in.


i’m still working on host hotel (rally hq) and a place for our awards breakfast.


awards breakfast, you ask?


that’s right!


the nevada rally will take place in one day with the first car off of the starting line early afternoon (1pm or 2pm) with the first car scheduled to cross the finish line at around 10pm. there will be a meal break, included in the entry fee, at about the halfway point.


the awards breakfast will begin late sunday morning on october 4th at a time to make it easy to get out of bed after a day and night full of desert explorations and still get home in time for dinner.


entry fee will be in the neighborhood of $125-$130 for a two-person team, plus $65ish for each additional team member.


the nevada rally will have 3 competition categories and one non-competition category:

2-person teams

3-person teams

4-person teams

cruisers (non-competition) up to 4 members


championship awards will go to the top three finishers in each category.


there will also be inter-club competition for the highest point average for each club.


there is one limitation to this first rally: we are only accepting 15 teams for this inaugural event.


beginning in may, 2010 we will be conducting 2 rallies per year: one in the spring for up to 40-teams and one in the fall for only 15-teams.


i will be making entry forms available in the next couple of weeks.


the 15 available slots will not last long.


entries are first come: first served.


if you are interested in participating or being a volunteer contact me directly montywolf@gmail.com and i will get you on the mailing list.


you can also keep up to date on developments by hitting the nevada rally blog.


once i set the host hotel (rally hq) and breakfast locats i will establish an event page with geocaching.


you can sign the event log for the nevada rally by attending the breakfast, participating, spectating, volunteering or just dropping by hq to say hi.


there will be approximately 50 approved geocaches hidden along the route.


registration will be open to suv’s and trucks equipped with 4-wheel drive and low-range, dune buggies and atv’s/utv’s that legally seat 2 people.


any questions?



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hi teams:


entry forms for the nevada rally – v. 0.1, october 3, 2009, are now available to download.


read the following carefully:


doc and pdf files are available for both team entries and individual entries:


team doc


team pdf


individual doc


individual pdf


do not mail your entry forms prior to april 30, 2009.

entry forms postmarked prior to april 30, 2009 will be returned.


only 15 team entries will be accepted, first come: first served.


team entry forms must be submitted with payment: $130 for two-person teams; $195 for three-person teams; $260 for four-person teams.


payment must be by check, money order or certified check made payable to: the nevada rally.


send your entry to:

monty wolf

c/o gillette

5499 casey rd.

fallon, nv 89406


individual entry forms do not need to be submitted with team entries until august 31, 2009. if you are not certain how many individuals will make up your team, you may submit the team entry form and fee for a two-person team at this time and amend your entry and pay the additional fee prior to august 31, 2009.


entry fees are fully refundable prior to august 31, 2009.


provisional rulebooks will be available for download in the coming days. the only changes that will take place to the rules as they stand right now is the wording on how the rally will be scored by the officials. the intention of each rule will not change.


if you have any questions or concerns, just send me an email: montywolf@gmail.com.

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hi teams:


the provisional nevada rally rules for 2009 are now available for download.


the only anticipated changes to the rules they way the read right now is the method officials will score the event.


those, and any, changes will be noted when they are finished.


i'm releasing the rules as they stand right now so you can get a chance to see what has changed from previous rallies that i have produced and what is similar.


download the rules in doc. http://montywolf.fileave.com/rules.doc


download the rules in pdf. http://montywolf.fileave.com/rules.pdf


any questions? send me an email: montywolf@gmail.com

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hi teams:


according to my brother, my mailbox has been full for the past couple of mail delivery days.


the reason i don’t personally know that is because i was called away on an emergency to the coast. when i left nevada last wednesday, i thought i would be back by sunday. now it looks like i won’t be back until this saturday.


i want everyone to rest at ease about your entries! my brother, “ivan, devil in my ear”, is hand numbering each entry as they arrive so i can determine which entries came in first.


sorry to have to put a one week delay on this, but life intervened.


as soon as i return to fallon i will make sure each of you knows about your respective entries.


i apologize for any stress this may have caused you.


you’ll be hearing from me in the coming days.



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