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New MN Cacher


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Got out today to try out my shiny new Etrex Vista HCx.


Had time for 3 stops, found all 3. Had a blast with the Family.


Look forward to much more fun...


BTW. Name is Rob, 24 married, with a 2 yo daughter, and a son due in may.


Look forward to seeing your footprints! :mellow:

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Hello, and welcome to your new addiction! I suggest you stop by the Minnesota Geocaching Association (MNGCA) to visit and possibly become a member (no charge). There's lots of great info there, a forum, and a good way to get to know some other MN cachers.


Just so you know, too, there's a very comprehensive listing of cache placement requirements there. Many areas, parks, cities, counties and open spaces have more strict rules for placing caches, and it was an eye opener when I moved back to MN from Oregon...


So come on by and say hello at mngca.org!

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Welcome to geocaching! Just catching up on reading some of the forums and ran across yours today. Did a little search to see which part of Minnesota you might be in and I saw a comment in one of your logs that indicated that you go to VCC. Lots of good people are part of that fellowship. My folks went there for many years until a recent move to New Ulm.


Hope you enjoy geocaching. It is a great family hobby. It also is something fun you and your 2 year-old can do while mom and the new baby are taking a nap. Make sure you check out the Lakeville Bug Drop when your little one is along. It is a fun little cache right near the McStop on I-35 that always has a travel bug or a coin to move along and also usually has some kid-friendly swag available. It is a fun container that a two year-old might enjoy.


If you have any questions the forums and the Minnesota Geocaching Association are a great resource or also feel free to contact us "oldies". We have been geocaching for almost 1/17 of our lives...so that will tell you that we have been around for a bit! :rolleyes:


All the best to you and your family and the new little "geo-baby" on the way. Enjoy these years...little ones grow up way too fast. (My baby is older than you are!)


Dena of dlgps

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