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New Magellan Triton 400 and NG Topo Map

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Hi all


Returning to geocaching after a bit more of a hiatus than I cared for.


Purchased a Magaellan Triton 400 with Adventure Pack


A good price and seems like a good unit to update from my olde tank, clunker but doable Magellan Meridian Gold. Many successful hunts and hilarious stories attached to the old Gold. But I wanted to upgrade to more whistles and bells.


Taking everything out of the box.. doing the tedious.. well seems tedious getting it going thing.


Software installs not so good. Map with the 400 not very pretty, just a basic outline no detail.


So ok.. I jump thru the registration hoops.


the NG Topo in the adventure pack looks like great will have good maps. WAIT hold on.. gotta go to the website topo.com from the topo desktop application. HUH wthell!!! It starts with a nice logo and loading thingy. Egads the dang thing wont get to the website. ACK... all attempts to access NG Topo support are silly. No phone number.. just a stupid Wiki thing that is useless to answering any questions.


Just about ready to toss this whole kit n kaboodle into a hole or into the turbulent waters under Deception Pass.


I am sure others have had a similar experience. Tell me it is something really easy to fix!



Mt Vernon WA

twitter lthrwrk

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