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Useful FAQs on Garmin Oregon

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Looks like Garmin is posting some useful FAQs for the Oregon. Here's some data that I've never seen (officially) which I thought I would pass along (and add to the wiki):


Question: What is the largest memory card that the Oregon is compatible with?



All Oregon devices have an expandable memory slot, into which a microSD card can be inserted. This card provides the user the ability to install a greater amount of detailed mapping to the device than can be contained within the internal memory.


It is recommended that a standard speed 4GB microSD card be used in order to get the best performance from the device.


There is also a limitation of the number of individual map tiles that can be transferred to each device, which may result in less than 4GB of mapping data.


The map tile limitations are as follows:


* Oregon 200: 4,000

* Oregon 300: 4,000

* Oregon 400t: 3,571

* Oregon 400c: 3,546

* Oregon 400i: 3747

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