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Swedish CITO-eventsponsor?

grodan & fiabus
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We are going to the CITO-event in Gothenburg on world citoday may 2 and now I was thinking if anyone here maybe wanted to send something for the pricetable. :)


We are not involved in the planning but we are going there for the fourth year. It has been a very nice day the other three years we have attended, nice weather and meeting lot of people while cleaning up the area. Take a look at http://cito2009.sylvan.nu/ there will come info in english also.


The CITOeventis an event for the whole family, kids and dogs and adults picking trash and having fun.

Take a look at the other years:

2006 Swedish citoevent

2007 Swedish citoevent

2008 Swedish citoevent


If anyone wants to send something, coins or shirts or badges or pins or gloves or, well anything, please send me an email through the profile and I´ll take contact with jasy and Gavia, the hosts.


Thank you very much in advance. :)

grodan Karin

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Thank you all very much. So thankful for all the gifts. I will make sure to take pictures and let you see how fun we had.


Here are some from previous years.


Us in 2006.



2007, my husband fiabus is feeding our 18 days old son. Better start early...



2007, There were alot of trash to pick up.



2007, prices for the young ones.



The trashpickers of 2008.


Thanks again.

grodan Karin

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Just did my first CITO event this month.

I really liked it. What a trash people dump!

I brought my balloons for the kids and made soemthing for them during lunch.



Sweden is a little bit to far away to come. I'll sent you some of my new signature tags with a balloon animal.

They should arrive around this time and i'll sent some to you.



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So, now is the CITOevent over. As usual a very nice day, this year by the sea.


A picture of the lucky winners who got to choose a coin. Thank you all givers.




I don´t have a picture of the kids with their "coins" they got from millieballoon but they were very happy to get them.


A picture with all trashpickers of 2009.




Thanks again.

grodan Karin

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