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Moun10Bike 2005 Christmas Coinament (See above!)

FWIW - I would HATE to see somebody trade this gift to anybody else.

From what I understand, these are gifts, not trades that people are receiving and trading them away seems offensive to me.


This is not intended at anybody in particular, just an opinion since I saw this as a "want".

We "WANT" to get it from Jon himself...

Fair enough :rolleyes:

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I have lots of extras coming and a whole box of extras already. If you need something from the list below please email me at outdoorladyNOSPAMATyahoo.com and make sure something about a trade is in the subject line. My seeking list can be seen HERE.


Coins available and in hand-

Alaska Bronze

2005 California Prospecter

2005 Compass Rose

COOL Coin Club (Traded)

EU (2)

German Bronze (2)

GONE Copper

Indiana (4)


MIGO (not gc.com trackable)

New Mexico

North Dakota (2)

San Francisco (Traded, Thanks GeoBrowns)

Seven Summits Everest Bronze

Seven Summits McKinley Bronze

SilverMarc (Traded)

Sir Gerald

South Africa

Tennessee Pewter

Texas Hiker

USA 2005

Wisconsin WCRC Bronze


Trades will be arranged based on the order emails are rec'd if more than one person wants the same coin.

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Ok... I'm looking for some Christmas spirit here... and looking to spread a bit myself.


I have a Groundspeak Project Square coin to trade (for those that don't know here is what it looks like):




I am looking for any one of the following in trade:


MiGo Fall

MiGo Winter



If you have any of the following to trade, I will also include GeoNap coin #5 in the trade.


Capt. Prozac

Indy Diver

Waypoint 15

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I have an unactivated Georgia Peach available for trade. I'm specificaly looking for  New Mexico, Idaho, Washington '04 or Georgia '05, but I would be open to trade for any coin I don't have if these coins are not readily available.


My current coin collection can be viewed by following the link in my signature line below.

Thanks to all who responded. A trade has been made; however, I will have another peach available soon.

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Coins I'd like to trade for: (unactivated)

Dutch (trackable)

Geowoodstock III (trackable)

Benchmark (Coin Club) (trackable)


Other offers entertained, particularly with icons :)


Coins I can trade: (unactivated)

Michigan (trackable) - have

New Jersey (trackable) - have

European Union (trackable) - have

Wisconsin (trackable) - have

New Mexico (trackable) - have

Screw (trackable) - on order

Delaware (trackable) - on order

North Carolina (trackable) - on order

Long Island, NY (trackable) - on order

Northwest Pennsylvania (trackable) - on order

Kansas (trackable) - on order

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To trade:

2 Connecticut (1 bronze, 1 silver) (1 for your collection, 1 (please) for your activation and deployment to a cache!) for one each of the following:


Lighthouse - got it, thanks!

Screw - got it, thanks!

New York - got it, thanks!

UK - got it, thanks!

Dutch - got it, thanks!


(that's 2 for each coin!)


All unactivated and trackable, of course <_<I will be activating and placing in local caches. If I fall asleep now I will reply tomorrow morn. THANKS!

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I am looking to trade for any of the following:


Alaska Silver

GCC - Ammo Can

GCC - ROT13 (Trade Pending)

Oklahoma Natives - 8 Nations


I have the following ON HAND:


2005 USA Antique Bronze

Kilted Cacher

Canine Cacher 1st Edition


I have the following ON ORDER:


Ontario Gold

Ontario Silver

Ontario Bronze


Kansas LE Silver

Groundhog Day Holiday Coin

Canine Cacher 2nd Edition

JWID Personal Coins




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Is anyone interested in owning a coin with 666 on it? I just started collecting coins and have no idea if people collect specific numbers like this one.

Anyone wanna trade?

Yes... what coin is it lol? <_< Okay people, don't think I'm going around invoking the devil now, it's just an interesting number to have. :mad:

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Looking to trade for a Connecticut Geocoin


I will have anyone of these G.C. trackables to trade


Red Handed...........................pc

San Fransico..........................pc



Georgia stone mountain.........icon


North Carilina gold................icon

New York.............................icon


anybody? :wacko:


Edited: For That NEW Page Smell.

MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :(

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