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i´m looking for a

2005 Wisconsin Geocoin geocaching gc.com trackable or a

2005 San Diego Coin geocaching gc.com trackable


in a trade for my personal geocaching gc.com trackable coin, just have a look at my profile page.

offers please via PM


thanks Darth_maul_3

trade made for Wisconsin

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Anyone out there have these coins to trade? Email me if you do. ;)


Cav Scout version 1

Kentucky 2003

Oregon 2003

Texas 2003

USA 2003

Wandering Dragon

NEFGA Jeep Club antique silver


I also have a 2005 Wisconson coin I might trade away.

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I don't really have a lot to trade but I am looking for someone willing to trade me a Georgia peach coin. I have Tennessee coins that I could trade or maybe someone who wants something non-geocoin that I could put my hands on. If you have a peach and would be willing to trade let me know. I am trying to get one of all the Georgia coins since I live in Georgia. Thanks.

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Anyone coming to the Northern Virginia/D.C. area and wanting to trade personal coins only, look me up!


In the spirit of others doing the same, I have a new coin that I would love to trade face to face, no mail trades, no selling, personal coins only. :lol:




VERY cool coin! :unsure:


We are in the process of designing our personal coin, and then when they are ready, we will be heading out on a 'trading coins and caching to states we haven't been to yet' road trip! Hope you will still have one in Feb or March!


Team Bear-Cat

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Looking for all CoinClub coins -except green ring Selective Availablilty or future coinclub coins.


up for grabs:


Prairiepartners Silver LE (only 75 made)


email me offers.

Trade made on the Benchmark coin.


Still looking for :


First Finders Dance

Selective Availability - red

Ammo Box


Still up for grabs:

Prairiepartners Silver LE (only 75 made)


email me with offers, Thanks!

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Coins I have to Trade:


Coins for Trade:


GC Trackable:

Georgia Peach 2006

Georgia Stone Mountain 2006

Compass Rose 2005 (2)

Wisconsin 2005

Pennsylvania 2005 (2)

Maryland 2005 (2)

New Mexico 2005

European Union (2)

New Jersey

KS Wader Kansas




Non GC Trackable:

California 2005

Texas (4)

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