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Is there a picture of v2?


No, not yet...or rather, the group voted, and the poll indicated the group wanted to be surprised when they opened their mail. There was a group of 5 that designed the #2 coin, and they are the only ones that have seen the final die artwork.


The picture below is a little "teaser" that we posted to the groups forum so they at least know the theme of the coin.




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I am almost out of GeoNap coins (except for the low numbers I held back)... when they're gone they're gone... no more will be made.


Here's you're chance to get one of the last few GeoNap coins. I am still looking for a MiGO Fall and MiGO Winter coin to complete my set. If you are willing to part with one of these please drop me an email. Thanks!

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Still have the Migo Spring(some offers being considered), LE Peach and Texas Autumns to trade.

What do you want for the spring besides a arm, leg , and a pint of blood?

Strangely despite a lot of posts I don't get many offers for it. I'm willing to trade for something rare... not asking for anything outrageous.

Migo Spring is traded... thanks for all of the offers.

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Before the initial flurry of trading starts, I'd like to set up a trade with someone for a SWAGS version 2 coin. I'll trade one of my coins for it.

But we have no idea what it might look like. Are you willing to take that chance? :huh:

You bet. As long as that adorable slug is on there I'm game. :huh:

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I'm looking for the following coins if someone has one to trade.


- Missouri 2004

- South Carolina 2005 (when available)


- North Carolina 2005 (trade pending)

- Kentucky 2004 or 2005 (trade pending)


I could offer one of the following in exchange:


- California 2005

- Michigan 2005 (trackable - unactivated)

- European Union (trackable - unactivated)

- Georgia Stone Mountain (on order)

- Iowa (on order)

- New Mexico (on order)

- Mount McKinley (on order)


If interested, let me know.


- junglehair

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Does anyone know about the Hawaii coins? How many were made? How can I get one other than the 2 on eBay or is that how they are being sold?

I emailed asking those very questions. I have yet to receive a reply.


Tho I have a BAD feeling 1 at a time on ebay is what we might see. I don't plan on supporting that.

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I have a question for someone out there in geoland. I just got my first geocoins made and will be trading for other personal geocoins or if you do not have a personal coin, I will trade for a state or group coin that I don't have yet.


I wanted to post a picture of them for all you traders, but do not know how to do that. Can someone help me? Do I have to have the coin displayed on a webpage inorder to post it here? Is there a forum topic out there that will explain how to do it? Oh, and by the way, I do not need a Moun10Bike v. 3 because mine is in the mail. <_<


Please email me through my profile as I do not always check PM's.

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I've got a few extra Limited edition coins on the way, including Silver Mt McKinley, Silver Mt Everest, Pennsylvania LE Gold, and Alabama LE silver. Looking to trade for other Limited edition coins or RARE coins (prefer state or regional coins over personal coins unless the personal coins are really hard to get). I'd love to hook up with a MiGO winter or fall, Team Fisur, or any mount10bike. I'm in the process of moving my coin list from cointracking.com to thecachingplace.com, so if you check out my profile at both places, you can get an idea of what I've already got.


Thanks for Looking <_<

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I'm going to be getting both a "GD Mystery Coin" and a "Square Groundspeak Project" coin soon, and am willing to trade them away. I want a Waypoint 15 coin very, very badly, so if you've got one send me an email and we'll work something out (I hope). :ph34r:

Woo hoo, the last coin on my must have list has finally been traded for! Many thanks to the other half of this trade. <_<

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