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Hi looking for a few coins for trade or purchase.


- TOL Mystery v1 (Green on Copper)

- The Caching Zone Geocoin Set (Oakcoins 4 coin sets) US or Canada

- any of the original Castleman Dala geocoins


Also will entertain offers for a Moun10bike v3. Zero logs or finds.

I have a few 1000 coins so if there is something on your wish list PM me.


Thanks! :)  b42e


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Looking for Compass Rose Geocoins 2011 LEs

  • Witching Hour (YemonYime LE21)
  • Yemonlight (YemonYime LE21)

The last Coins missing in my Compass Rose Collection but i am also looking for Super LEs 2006/2010/2011


Looking also for some other Coins

  • RC Firetrucks in Yellow
  • Guardians of the Night Geocoin
  • Wolf Song Geocoinfest Geocoin GLITTER
  • Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Silver (unactivated)

If you sell some of this coins or want to trade please contact me! :-).

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Hello there,


my Mental Health Charity Coin is now for sale 😃


The whole profit of the sale will be donated to the "Eckhard Busch Stiftung". The foundation works for more acceptance of poeple with psychological disorders.
The coin is available at www.laserlogoshop.com.
I am glad about everyone who is able to support the project 😘


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Hey Collectors i am looking for some coins 


  • RC Firetruck Yellow GCF Versions
  • Mehndi Mandala Geocoin ANTIQUE SILVER
  • Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Psycho Rainbow v1 
  • Wolf Song Geocoinfest Glitter Version 
  • Gele Bussie Geocoin (all versions)
  • Geocoinfest 2009 Geocoin (The Geocoinfest Express) in Copper


Best regards and stay safe




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Highlighting the coins i really want.
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Hi guys! I'm from Brno, in Czech Republic. I collect wooden geocoins and I'd like to trade some wooden geocoins with someone from another country, using mail. Is here anybody, who have wooden geocoins and want to trade?


- True_

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Hello everyone!  


Im very new and have just about 100 smileys as of right this moment.  I have my little girl with me by my side in this hobby and she loves it as she is always looking for hidden treasures!  Im very respectful of TB's and anything that needs to be moved around to another cache and do not keep them.  Im trying to build up a little collection of Geocoins and I'm not picky whatsoever.  I have a FTF card I can trade as of right now if your interested.  


So my question would be if anyone has any extra Geocoins or collectibles that they would not not mind parting with to help our collection out we would be appreciative!  I live in Harford County, MD or I could always send you a prepaid envelope as well if this would help.  


Thank you all for your time and happy Caching!

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This coin is #141 of only 200 Summer 2006 Geocoins released by the Texas Geocaching Association. Though the coin is seriel numbered, it is not trackable except through the Travel Bug tag attached. It commerates scuba diving in the natural springs located at Balmorhea State Park in Texas.

Check this link out for more info:



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