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Looking for any geocoin that has a dragonfly on it.  All our grandkids were given nicknames, and one was our little dragonfly, sadly she passed away over a year ago, we were looking for a geocoin for her to carry around from cache to cache, now we will do it for her, but we were unable to find any, was wondering if the group here knows were we can find one.  Thank you in advance, have a great day!

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7 hours ago, pingos said:

What do you mean with a fairly?

Arghhh... auto correct.... fairy :P

What I meant to say.....

I want to gift a coin to someone and looking for a coin with a fairy, a trackable preferred. Activated or unactivated is fine. Shoot a PM if you have one! Thanks!


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On 23.8.2016 at 0:07 PM, ice13-333 said:

I´m still searching for several coins - maybe i have luck and someone has some of the to trade or sell.

- AH5 Geopoly yellow, green, purple, dark blue, orange, joker

- any jemon jime compass rose (prio would be 2008 or 2010)

- 2008 German Reviewer Reviewer Only Version

- German Reviewer Team (2007) Reviewer Only Version

- 2015 Block Party Ammo Can

- Anthus Laptop Pink XXLE

- Bad/Good Jeremy Coin (both in 1 coin)

- Cache Rewards Geocoin Set copper or antique gold

- Caching Around Maze AE copper

- Cheshire Cat Crazy Purple XLE

- Explorer Tag Elias 

- Founders Gnome Tag Elias and Jeremy

- GeoNord2016 L.E. - Akwa

- Geonutshells 2014 green

- German Reviewer Coin - Inspektion Tool "Reviewer Only" Edition

- Good Jeremy (Good and 1 coin with good and bad)

- Green Lantern Mystery

- Guardians of the Night Geocoin Black Nickel/red oder Silver/blue

- HQ Signal Coin with Lily (with 1 L)

- HQ Travel Tag

- Jeremy 2014 Tag

- Kommt Zeit – kommt Coin Night Urge

- several Lackey Tags (all i don´t have)

- Leap into Caching 2012 Multi-Event Geocoin Portugal Ice oder Space Coast, Florida

- Mario Bros. Mystery

- Moga 2013 Award

- Moun10bike V1 and V2 and Christmas Coins

- The Phantom Cacher Mystery

- Pi Day 2015 Blueberry Pie

- Reviewer's Watering Hole

- Signal Bottle Opener

- Signals Christmas Train Set AE - only as whole Set of 5

- The Global Nomad satin gold - black - Fundraiser V1

- The Warrior Mystery (the versions i don´t have)


Yes i know, most of them are htf, but still hoping....


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Hello everybody =)

Let's get up this theme =)

I have next hedgehog geocoins to trade. Each geocoin - 25 US Dollars.

Batch 1 - B (Brabant Forest edition)

Batch 1 - H (New Jersey Pine Barrens edition)

Batch 1 – S (The Canadian I edition)

Batch 2 – B (Ardeche edition)

Batch 2 – C (Grand Canyon edition)

Batch 2 – G (Waldschrat edition)

Batch 2 – H (Moonfire edition)

Batch 2 – K (Varmland edition)

Batch 2 – L (Rehbach edition)

Batch 2 – M (Huahin Beach edition)

Batch 2 – O (Kiss edition)

Batch 2 – Q (Lower Bavarian edition)

Batch 2 – S (Allgau edition)

Batch 2 – T (Schwaben edition)

Batch 3 – C (Bubble Gum edition)

Batch 3 – D (Dalsland edition)

Batch 3 – E (Limburg edition)

Batch 3 – F (Banff edition)

Batch 3 – G (Nova Scotia edition)

Batch 3 – H (Fremont edition)

Batch 3 – I (Yorkshire edition)

Batch 3 – J (Moravie edition)

Batch 3 – K (Sognefjord edition)

Batch 3 – L (Algarve edition)

Batch 3 – M (Dordogne edition)

Batch 3 – P (Lowlands Halloween edition)

Batch 4 – A (CoinAddict edition)

Batch 4 – B (Austria edition)

Batch 4 – C (German edition)

Batch 4 – D (Blue Shadow edition)

Batch 4 – E (Smurf edition)

Batch 4 – F (Grinch edition)

Batch 4 – G (Sunburn edition)

Batch 4 – H (Purple Rain edition)

Batch 4 – L (Herisson - Cannes Festival edition)

Batch 4 – O (Mauve edition) (The Canadian IV edition)

Batch 4 – P (Schonau Am Konigssee Edition)

Batch 5 – A (Friebay Edition)

Batch 5 – B (Mister X Edition)

Batch 5 – C (Harvest Edition)

Batch 5 – H (Mecki Edition)

Batch 5 – L (Yucatan Edition)

Batch 5 – M (Snowdonia Edition)

Batch 5 – N (Antelope Canyon Edition)

Batch 5 – O (Posbank Edition)

Batch 5 – P (Jura Edition)

Batch 5 – U (Cappadocia Edition)

Batch 5 – V (Mojave Desert Edition)

Batch 5 – X (Jutland Edition)

Batch 5 – ZB (Zürcher Oberland Edition)

Batch 5 – ZC (Voralpen Edition)

Batch 5 – ZD (Kir Royal Edition)

Batch 5 – ZE (Harlekin Edition)

Batch 5 – ZG (Marshall Islands Edition)

Batch 6 – A (Carcassonne Edition)

Batch 6 – T (Menton Lemon Festival Edition)

Batch 6 – W (CoolMint Edition)

Batch 6 – ZC (Goslar Edition)

Batch 6 – ZJ (Sakura Edition)

Batch 6 – ZK (Ocean Edition)

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On 5/30/2018 at 4:24 PM, little-leggs said:

DNF wanted ,,,,,.jpg

I have what you want!  All six versions of DNF (I will sell them as a lot)

Left to right upper row:  Black nickel (trackable/unactivated), antique brass (non-trackable from 2005); shiny nickel mini (trackable and unactivated)

Left to right lower row:  shiny gold (trackable / unactivated); glow in the dark on shiny nickel (trackable and unactivated); black nickel mini (trackable and unactivated)

DNF front.jpg

DNF reverse.jpg

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On 7/26/2016 at 4:01 PM, KismetKat said:

Looking for a Hawaii state coin to buy. I came across one once on a geocoin sale site but can't find it now <_<

this may not be the exact coin you are looking for but I have an activated (adoptable) "Hawaii Geohana" from 2007 in antique silver for sale

Hawaii front.jpg

Hawaii reverse.jpg

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Ever persistent...ever hopeful


I am seeking two versions of Tatanka Pejula (by Tsunrisebey)


(1) red on BN

(2) turquoise on AC


I am also seeking two versions of her Neptune's Compass (by Tsunrisebey):


(1) TSUN (non-trackable, I think)

(2) 20,000 Leagues



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seeking - 2006 Zodiac Gemini pair (female and male)

tracking codes begin with "ZD"

these are for a collection, so mint condition and unactivated is preferred


offering - just about any reasonable request will be given very serious consideration

I am eager to get these, and will be generous in what I will do to get them


if you have these, please contact me via my profile - I am confident that we can work something out


Cheers !



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I am selling some coins from my collection.   Many of these are older coins and unactivated.  If you'd like to see a pic of any, please message me and I will be happy to send one.


2008 Tadpole

Applewomyn (red)

Bahama Starfish

Blue Morpho Butterfly (hinged)S

Cache Critters – Baa

Cache Critters -- Moo


Cacher Tags (red, purple, blue)

Cachin’ Crow 2008

Geo-achievement 1000 Finds (with matching pin)

Geocoin and Pin Club May 2008 Ladybugs


Happy Eastern 2009

Jukebox Memories

Kansas Sunshine


Lettuce Go Caching

Look Twice Save a Life - bicycle

Malachite Butterfly (with matching magnet)

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly (with matching magnet)

Moustik 2007

Nolefan and KimbyJ Just Married

Pink Piggy Bank


Pond Frog

Puffin My Way to the Next Cache

Saskatchewan – Land of the Living Skies


Tiger Swallowtail (with matching magnet)


Tiki Stomp Event 2008

Tippecanoe and Wanna Too – Adventures in Geocaching Vol. 1

Tree Frog

White Butterfly


Thanks for looking!

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**Tsun Earth Turtles**

Hi all! I have a few older trackables that I would be willing to trade or sell. When I started with GC I was really hooked by the TB collectibles and bought a few of them, never releasing just collecting lol, these are far too beautiful to let go of to just anyone. Fast forward almost 10 years and they are still sealed up, unregistered and in my bag. (Actually still in the mailing package from Tsun dated Sept 09) 

My photos are too large to upload ( I’ll keep working on that) and I am not sure of their official names. I have:

dark and light greens on Gold

multi color with teal center on Silver

green, red & orange on Copper


if anyone is interested, let me know. I can try to take pics and get them to you. I did find my post from 09 that I was so excited to get them!


this is my first forum post in years, thanks for bearing with me!


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I am looking for some Tsun geocoins:


Anasazi Spirit Dweller UTE nickel
Anasazi Spirit Dweller Ancient One
Earth Turtle 2008 GCF (Black Nickel)
Earth Turtle 2008 GW6 Edition
Earth Turtle 2008 Lump of Coal
Pax Aussie Fire Breather Nickel
Rainforest Jewel v1 Black Nickel
Iridescent Dreams Leprechaun

Thank you!

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On 10/30/2011 at 4:12 PM, The Moop Along said:

So I'm still unpacking from Geocoinfest, and I found some LEs that I have for trade. These were never available for public sale, and only available as gifts previously. Email me if you're interested with an offer.


Geocoin Poker Tour 2011 Purple XLE



Geocoin Poker Tour 2011 Red LE



Midwest Geobash 2011 Gold LE



Midwest Geobash 2011 Nickel LE




Long shot any purple....left and willing to sell.  Or does anyone have one that wants to part with.

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On 9/10/2019 at 3:25 PM, MRC1925T said:

If anyone is looking to add the 10 Years of Geocaching - Geocoin Set to their collection, I'm selling my set.


6 coins.  They are new and have never been activated!  In fact, they are still in the original packaging from the vendor.  


$150.00 plus $10 shipping/handling.


I might be interested in a coin or 2 depending and if you'd break then set?

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On 1/3/2005 at 9:24 PM, EScout said:

I haven't been caching for several years and think it's time to try and unload some of my geocoin collection.  I'm sure sure how much it costs to ship coins in the mail, any one with experience out there that can provide an estimate?  Here are some of the geocoins I have: 9-9-09, 11-11-11, 12-12-12, 2010 GeoWoodstock, Mt Vernon, WA geo-challenge (2014, 2015), 2010 Groundspeak Lackey coin, and the Washington State replica.   Unfortunately, all of these coins are "owned" and activated by me, but I'm sure you can take them over.   I'm curious as to how much interest there is for these coins.


On 1/3/2005 at 9:24 PM, EScout said:

Thank you.


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So I had my entire coin collection stolen a few years back and it truly deflated a lot of the joy I had in collecting. Finally just starting to get back into it and will rebuild from scratch. I am hoping to start with a fairly rare coin, but if someone has one they're willing to let go, please get in touch with me. Looking for the old Yellowstone Geocoin and also the gold/green Celtic Tree of Life. Thank you

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Hi looking for a few coins for trade or purchase.


- TOL Mystery v1 (Green on Copper)

- The Caching Zone Geocoin Set (Oakcoins 4 coin sets) US or Canada

- any of the original Castleman Dala geocoins


Also will entertain offers for a Moun10bike v3. Zero logs or finds.

I have a few 1000 coins so if there is something on your wish list PM me.


Thanks! :)  b42e


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