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Garmin V, Waypoint question


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I've downloaded all the waypoints to Mapsource on my PC. Went though them in mapsource. I cleaned out the old found caches that I didn't delete when I found them. All did some other house cleaning. Now I want to empty the waypoints in the GPS and reload the cleaned up batch. I know theres a way to remove all the way points in the Garmin V with a push of a button. But can't find it! I looked all over the manual with no luck. Can someone help me here :laughing:


Thanks :lol:

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Been a while but I think while at find/waypoint hit menu again then delete/delete all.


This works for the find by name option. It didn't used to work for the find nearest option.


But once you are in the list of caches that match your name then you can hit menue again and should have the various delete options.


Thanks, that where it was hiding :) Cleared them all out!

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