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Pirates of the Geocache Geocoin


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Here is our newest geocoin to hit the store, Pirates of the Geocache, available now HERE!




Dimensions: 1.75" (45mm)


2D/3D: 3D front/back


Thickness: 3.5mm


Finish: Ant. Bronze/nickel LE & Ant. Silver/nickel RE


Enameling: Soft enamel


Trackable: Yes, on Geocaching.com


Unique Icon: Yes;






9.95 for the RE and 19.90 for the LE set of two.


Thanks for looking,



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Whew! I was sittin' pretty, so sure I'd ordered a set. Then I realized I'd never actually gotten through the PayPal process and the order was still sitting in my basket. I'm glad I figured that out and fixed it -- it would have been a shame to miss this. Can't turn away from a fully 3D coin. : ) And those "Spring Into Caching" coins are very handsome!

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Shipping Update:


Coins are headed to Idaho. :D If no issues with customs they will arrive 04.20.2009


We have begun to process orders today and will through the weekend so we can get all orders shipped out on Monday when the coins arrive.


Also we have some Antique Copper coming in as a second regular edition. We also minted 30 coins in a special metal with a special stone that will be an artist edition and I am sure there will be at least a few shipping errors where any extra coin will fall into the shipment... :D


- Jake


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Cool looking Special edition coins I can only hope one fell into my order :angry:


Your odds were about 1 in 75 so no to bad... :sad: I had the kids pick out 5 orders and those got a free AE.



My pair of Pirates of the Geocache coins arrived today. They Look GREAT!!!!!!!! :(:D


as for the Special edition coins The way my luck runs The ODDS Could have been 50/50 and I Sill would come up on the short end LOL. :D:ph34r::lol:

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WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON AN AE :unsure: WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOO :D Thank you so much for picking my name out of the basket...I feel lucky to have won one!!! hhhhmmmmm the boys haven't seen it 'yet' ...it's just a matter of time and mama will have to cave into their little hearts desires...pretty fitting it should go from your children to mine!! lol


Thank you again from all of us :D:):D:)

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