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Found TB, but it's listed as "in hands of owner"

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What do you do when you find a TB in a cache, but the TB is listed on the site as "in the hands of the owner." Apparently, the owner put the physical TB in a cache but didn't report doing that. Another cacher then found the TB, logged it as "discovered," and moved it to another cache. I picked it up out of that cache this weekend and am not sure now what to do with it (I've already flown home about 1,200 miles away from the cache).


I've e-mailed the owner to see about trying to re-create this TB's path so far, but haven't heard back from him. I've also posted a "discovered" log. I notice there's an option to grab a TB from the hands of the owner, but I'm not sure about the etiquette on that.


Any advice?


Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like the TB is still in your possession. If you have no immediate plans to drop it into a new cache, give the owner some time to log their drop. If they don't and you find a cache you want to place it in, then grab it from the owner so it shows in your inventory when you log the find on the new cache. Maybe they were traveling as well and just haven't had a chance to log the drop yet.



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The owner has only found one cache, but has 7 trackables, and has moved 2 trackables. The one cache they did was a birthday outing. Maybe they got TB's for birthday presents? They did visit the geoaching website recently, on 3/15. If they have not replied to you, I would grab it from them, log it through the cache you found it in, then move it on. There is no need to wait, because they are active and are not answering.

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I had the same thing happen to me! After waiting a week or so, I then sent an email to the owner. Still no response, so I "grabbed" it with a polite, "Sorry, and hope you don't mind, but I found it and have since placed it in a new cache".


I also logged it into the cache I found it in for the mileage, and then retrieved / dropped it into its new home.


TB owner has never replied, so at least in my mind, I did the proper thing :lol:


Ya can only do what ya can! If the owner doesn't care enough to remember to log it in the cache, then, its on the onus of the next cacher to correct the problem. We all look after each other and our precious TB's :laughing:

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