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I placed my order for the 24K Southwest Tops DVD w/Basecamp about 3 weeks ago. I still have not received it. I emailed Garmin and they said that the West and Southwest is currently available but the others are not. Still doesn't explain why I haven't received my order yet if it is available now.

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I recently read another thread about the 24k Topo maps. Apparently they've been available on pre-loaded SD cards for a while, but only now available on DVDs. The thread said that they're kind of a weird hybrid of 3 of their current maps, the 24k National Park topos in that they have routing of some trails, but mostly in the National Parks, also they have Autorouting like the City Navigator series, (of course, it's only for the western states, or whatever region you get), and then of course the regular Topos, but at 24k resolution instead of 100k resolution, again region dependent.

I hear they're also locked down to one GPS like the City Navigator series, because they contain NavTeq parts.

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I contacted Garmin on Mar 25th about a release date for BaseCamp and here is their reply;


"Thank you for contacting Garmin International. Thanks for you inquiry. Good question. The release of Basecamp is slated for April 1st. Initially, it is probably going to be a Beta Version and will not have full functionality until a later upgrade."


So, for what that's worth.

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I received an email yesterday that my new 24K Southwest DVD with Basecamp shipped yesterday. So hopefully I'll have it in my hands within a week.


If I'm not mistaken, Mapsource & Roadtrip is for roads/highways (automotive) and Basecamp is for trails/hiking (offroad).

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I'm already a Topo 2008 user, and am considering downloading basecamp when it becomes available.


I've read were some think the version that comes with new maps on CD will be locked to one GPS'r because they contain NAVTEQ Data.


Is there any speculation on whether or not the downloaded version will do the same? If so, I probably would stick with the old mapsource program for a while.


I wonder because I have some other maps besides the Garmin ones that people have created for my neck of the woods, and I wouldn't want the program to lock those into just my GPS, since I ofter help friends get the local maps loaded on their SD cards.

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Here's a good description from GPSTracklog.
In reading this article, my take is that Basecamp offers 3D functionality that Mapsource does not. Virtually all of Garmin's new off road maps have 3D features for later model GPS receivers, so Basecamp makes use of those features.


Another advantage is Mapsource is confusing, it's used as a trademark term in mapsets and as a map viewer. Perhaps this will allow Mapsource to die as a map viewer.

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